Deep Reinforcement Learning

I watched the lecture on Deep Reinforcement Learning and these are the highlights of the lecture. Video: Slides: Website: GitHub Tutorials: Every type of machine learning is supervised learning. The difference is the source of the supervision. Supervised learning vs. reinforcement learning The process of how machines learn to act in … Continue reading Deep Reinforcement Learning

Deep Learning Basics

I watched the first lecture on Deep Learning Basics from the MIT course 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars and these are the highlights of the lecture. Slides for this lecture: Website: GitHub repo with tutorials: Why Deep Learning? No need of human expert involvement. Great overview of the TensorFlow ecosystem. The Deep … Continue reading Deep Learning Basics

Experimenting with Machine Learning on Azure

This weekend I want to experiment with machine learning on Azure. I don't have my own Jupyter notebook server so I want to use the Azure Notebooks, which are Free Jupyter based notebooks in the Azure cloud. The first thing I noticed is that there are two types of workspaces: ML and ML Studio. What is … Continue reading Experimenting with Machine Learning on Azure

Autumn and winter in one place

Winter is coming and as usual we drive to the Austrian mountains on the first weekend of November. First of November is a holiday and we we take an extra day off to be able to enjoy the long weekend. I packed my bags the night before so we don't lose any time. It's interesting … Continue reading Autumn and winter in one place

Sightseeing in London

Day 1: Tower of London and Tower Bridge Financial District Tower of London Tower Bridge River Thames walk We arrived to Stanton Airport early in the morning at 7 o'clock and took the Stanton Express to Liverpool Street. The train ride took 1 hour. We walked to the Ibis Shoreditch hotel and arrived there in … Continue reading Sightseeing in London