Enjoy The Mountain

Enjoy The Mountain

We’ve been coming to Bad Hofgastein every year since 10 years. Sometimes even multiple times a year. It’s one of my favorite winter ski resort towns in Austria. For a non-skier like me, there is plenty of things to do here and it’s a great way to forget about all the stress and just relax.

Top of the mountain

The weather was so beautiful on the first day that I decided in the morning to take the lift to the top of the mountain and spend the day there. I packed my Kindle to read and planned to simply relax in the sun and enjoy the fresh air. I’ve got a nice little sun burn too.

Spa day

The weather did not disappoint on the second day either. It was a gorgeous day and I wanted to spend it at the spa relaxing, swimming, reading and taking some aquagym classes. I already know by heart when the aquagym classes start and the trainers know me.

I spent the third day at the spa as well, even though it was cloudy and it was about to snow. It’s the best feeling to be in the warm water outside while the snow is falling down on my face.

Walk in the park

After the spa on the second day, it was still early and the weather was too nice to return to the hotel so I went for a long walk in the park. Many were out walking, running, nordic walking, nordic skiing and ice skating on this beautiful day. I went to my favorite cafe afterwards for a cake and a coffee and just to sit in the sun. They already know me at the cafe too.

Yummy foods

The food in Austria is another thing why it’s worth coming here. Delicious cakes, the famous Wiener Schnitzel, soups, Kaiserschmarrn and so much more. We used to often hop in the car and drive to Vienna over the weekend, just to enjoy the food.

My top 3 favorite places in Bad Hofgastein:

Spa day and the castle of Kaprun

Spa day and the castle of Kaprun

The bad news is that I caught a cold. We arrived to Kaprun on Friday evening. Many people were coughing and sneezing at breakfast on the next morning (without putting their hands to their mouth 😦 ) and by afternoon my throat was sore and hurting. I’ve been walking around with this cold on these last two days and today it hit me real good. It might be because I was on the mountain yesterday and it was so cold, and that 11K run yesterday didn’t help me get better either.

But I was not going to sit in the hotel room and whine about it. I decided to stick to the plan so I was going to spend the day at Tauernspa relaxing and getting pampered. So I got up this morning, had some boiled eggs for breakfast (it was the first time that I didn’t get hard-boiled eggs at a hotel, yaay!), packed my bathing suit and headed to the spa. It was cloudy and foggy but it was nice and warm inside. I rented a bag wit bathrobe and bath towel, it’s just that they didn’t have a bag and the robe was in size XL. I looked totally ridiculous in it but who cares. 🙂

I arrived just in time for the morning aqua gymnastics class and it was the best that I ever attended, the trainer was super fit and lean and very entertaining, we had a lot of fun doing a 30-minute HIIT workout while fighting against the water. Since I am sick with this nasty cold, I didn’t want to stay too long in the water and make it worse so I spent the rest of the time reading and having a coffee & cakes break (yes, cakes in plural! :P) at the spa restaurant.

I headed back to the hotel when the time was up at the spa and my muscles were so sore from the workouts that I did on the last two days that I desperately needed a nice long stretching session and I did 20 minutes yoga too. My legs are still killing me though. 😦

Afterwards I got quickly ready and headed to the Castle of Kaprun for the guided tour. It’s the 4th time that we are in Kaprun and I didn’t get a chance to see the castle inside until now. The castle is open every Monday at 16 o’clock, the manager talks about the history of the castle and shows the guests around. I was greeted by the two castle dogs, barking at every guest entering the castle. The manager introduced herself in the local dialect “Pinzgauer Deutsch” which she said it was must must but I don’t really understand her so well and then she switched to “Hochdeutsch” for the tour, it pretty much sounded like the dialect to me, but I think I understood the main points. 🙂

The castle is privately owned by 18 people, it was destroyed many many years ago but renovated using the old stones so it looks like the original and it is now a cultural center. Gala dinners are organized for international companies, and also private parties, Irish night for every St. Patrick’s Day and other cultural events. Burgfest is every July.

We visited the Hall of Knights (Rittersaal), the Gallery Hall (Galleriesaal) and one of the towers (Turm) with the guide. 350 musketeers lived in this castle at one time. We continued on our own to the the second tower that is not renovated yet and it was impressive to see the difference between the two towers: the one that was renovated and the one which was not. The castle is old, the doors don’t open easily, there are strange sounds in the rooms and of course someone had to joke around because it’s Halloween after all and scare us to death. Needless to say that I hurried after the other guests so I don’t get locked into a room and end up left behind. 🙂

Bulking log week 11/12

Bulking log week 11/12
Progress bar image attribution: By Emil Larsen (Seekers) (I have made it :)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Bulking challenge goals

August-October: 12-weeks bulking clean and gradually with reverse diet to increase strength and build muscle.

Coach focus


This week’s goals

Goal Achieved?
New calories and macros with focus on strength Calories: slightly over.

Macros: too low on protein.

HIT training with Freeletics Bodyweight: Hell Days Yes.
1x strength weight training with Freeletics Gym No.
1x cardio sessions with Freeletics Running. Yes, 2 workouts.
2x rehab/yoga sessions Yes, 2x yoga sessions.


Week Resistance training Cardio Rehab
1 7 2 1
2 5 1 0
3 7 4 2
4 5 3 2
5 5 2 1
6 7 2 2
7 8 2 1
8 2 1 2
9 6 1 2
10 6 0 2
11 6 2 2




I am officially fully reversed, I reached my maximum calorie and macro goals so I will hold at these calories and macros for the next 6-8 weeks  and continue to eat in surplus for muscle growth and to boost my metabolism.

Week Macro Days Weight Body fat Muscle
1 195C/97P/58F  + 0,7 kg  -2,2 %  + 1,9 %
2 202C/100P/58F  – 0,4 kg  – 0,9 %  + 0,5 %
3 215C/103P/59F  + 0,9 kg  – 3,0 %  + 2,5 %
4 221C/103P/59F  – 0,1 kg  – 2,3 %  + 1,7 %
5 228C/104P/59F  + 0,1 kg  – 1,7 %  + 1,4 %
6 235C/106P/59F  + 0,6 kg  – 2,7 %  + 2,2 %
7 241C/107P/59F  + 0,4 kg  – 1,3 %  + 1,2 %
8 248C/108P/59F  – 0,9 kg  0 %  – 0,6 %
9 254C/109P/59F  + 0,5 kg  -0,2 %  +0,3 %
10 261C/111P/59F  + 1,4 kg  – 0,1 %  + 0,6 %
11 261C/111P/59F  + 2,2 kg  – 0,9 %  + 0,4 %
12 261C/111P/59F

Next week’s goals

Winter is coming to Kitzsteinhorn

Winter is coming to Kitzsteinhorn

Winter is coming! No joke this time. 🙂

We moved the clock one hour back last night so I hoped that I will sleep one more hour today but my inner clock is not adjusted yet so I got up one hour earlier than usual in the morning. We were all alone in the restaurant for breakfast, I guess the other guests managed to sleep more. I had some Bircher muesli, 2 mini croissants and a coffee for breakfast while waiting for the weather to decide itself, it was supposed to be nice and sunny today but it was cloudy and foggy in the morning. I planned to go up on the top of the mountain today and it would have been great if it would have been sunny so I can just sit in the sun and read like I usually do but I did not get my wish. It stayed cloudy while day but nevertheless I decided to stick to the plan and I got a pedestrian ticket to the top from the hotel reception and we drove to the lift.

The parking lot was full and there were so many people. I expected this since it’s Sunday, not only tourists go skiing today but the locals too. After what felt like forever, we took the 2 lifts and were at the middle station. It was cold and cloudy, -1 degrees Celsius, so I walked around just a bit before taking the next lift to the top of the mountain called Gipfelwelt where it was -4 degrees Celsius. Brrr! It’s so crazy that just a few meters below it’s colorful autumn and up winter is here!!!

Gipfelwelt has a cinema showing a short video about the Hohe Tauern National Park, a gallery of the national park accessible through a tunnel within the mountain at 25% incline (that was quite a workout, climbing down and up again!) and a platform to look out from the top of Salzburg. It was so foggy that I didn’t even see the tip of my nose and it literally started to snow (my first time this season! <3) so I went back to the middle station to meet up with my boyfriend for lunch. We shared a Kaiserschmarrn but the restaurant was so full and it was cold outside so I decided to call it a day and leave the winter behind, I took the lifts down from the mountain and the bus back to Kaprun, where it’s still autumn (I missed the bus by 1 second so I had to wait for 30 minutes for the next one 😦 ).

It was still early so I changed into my running clothes and went out for a run. Sunday is runday after all. 🙂 I planned to do a comfortable 5K run for the Freeletics running coach. I headed across the city center and took the bicycle road towards Bruck. I wanted to turn back after half of the 5K was done but it was so nice that I just kept running until I got to Bruck and finished the 5K. I obviously had to get back somehow so I started an interval run that my Freeletics running coach planned for me this week, 10 rounds of 400m run with 2 minutes break, and sprinted back to Kaprun before it got dark. This run to Bruck and back was amazing and I’ve met lots of cows, horses, dogs and chickens. Sometimes it’s good to get out of the big city and breath some fresh air, even if it smells like the stinky animals from the nearby farms. 😛

In the end I did a total of 11 km. I think I deserve my 4 course dinner tonight. 😉

All the pictures are uploaded here to OneDrive.

Autumn in Kaprun

Autumn in Kaprun

Winter is coming! Just kidding. 🙂 I know it’s autumn, I love autumn and all the beautiful colors but the ski season is starting on the glaciers and we decided to drive to the mountains for this long weekend. I had to work on Friday but I finished early and we drove straight from the office to Kaprun. There were traffic jams everywhere, many were on their way to the mountains as well so the usual 3-4 hours drive took us 6 hours and we arrived to our hotel at 9 in the evening. The hotel staff was nice enough to keep the kitchen open for us so we can have a quick dinner.

I slept great and we got up around 8 on the next day. I normally need a coffee as soon as I wake up so we headed to breakfast. The scrambled eggs were very heavy in my stomach so I decided to go out for a walk and check out Kaprun. We’ve already been here three times before but I kind of forgot everything. I walked in the city and visited the castle, which was unfortunately closed. I played Ingress and, like every time I am here, I did a quick shopping spree in the sports store this time as well, on the way back to the hotel.

I changed into my workout clothes (got busted by the cleaning lady while I was changing as she just barged into the room, doesn’t she know how to knock?!) and headed to the hotel gym. Calling it a gym is overrated but I planned to do the last Freeletics bodyweight workout that I had from the coach so this fitness room was enough for what I needed. I also packed my resistance band so I did some exercises with the band for the legs and booty. I actually forgot to pack t-shirts and leggings for my workouts but luckily it just so happened that I bought a t-shirt today and I improvised for the leggings and wore the skiing underwear that pretty much looks like basic black leggings.

After the workout I changed again into my bathing suit and headed for a short swim in the wellness area. I had the pool all to myself. 🙂

But then I got so hungry so I went back to the room to change and headed to the hotel restaurant for lunch. They offer a small buffet in the afternoon but there were no free tables, there was a huge line at the coffee machine and there was no food left. It was actually super embarrassing because I sat down at the only empty table and got some evil looks from the people around me and it turns out that the table was occupied but they were getting food. Then I ordered a coffee from the waiter and I was asked if I m staying at this hotel because I can help myself to the coffee machine between 14 and 17 o’clock, this wasn’t like this until now and usually they covered the coffee machine after breakfast so people order coffee and pay for it. Having embarrassed myself enough, I went to check the food buffet and saw that there was no food left, so I got my wallet from the room and went to the super market to get some fruits and snacks.

All the pictures are uploaded here to OneDrive.