Krka waterfalls and Sibenik

Yesterday was time again for a road trip. This time we decided to go the the Krka waterfalls. We've been there 6 years ago and it was lovely so we wanted to visit it again. We got stuck in some traffic jam while leaving Zadar towards Skradin where we parked the car to catch the … Continue reading Krka waterfalls and Sibenik


We spent yesterday afternoon at the lovely little town of Nin. It's only 15 minutes away by car from Punta Skala in Petrcane and I was pleasantly surprised so it's definitely worth a visit. The old town is located on a peninsula with a sand beach in front separating it from the sea. This is the … Continue reading Nin


There were two events happening in Zadar yesterday so we drove there to spend the day. It's only 20 minutes away by car from where we are staying at Punta Skala in Petrcane. We parked the car at the mall because it's cheaper and safer. Parking directly in or near the old town can be … Continue reading Zadar

AWS IoT Virtual Hackathon – Kick Off Day

AWS IoT Virtual Hackathon is a 6-day virtual hackathon where you can build your IoT solution using AWS out of the comfort of your own home. The hackathon starts with the kickoff day which includes an introduction to AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon QuickSight and Alexa to help you get started with developing … Continue reading AWS IoT Virtual Hackathon – Kick Off Day

Git learning resources

Here are some great resources for getting started with Git. Books Pro GIT – [German] Git: Dezentrale Versionsverwaltung im Team - Grundlagen und Workflows (Rene Preissel, Bjorn Stachmann) Online interactive tutorials tryGit - git the simple guide – Git Pretty – Oh shit, git! – Online articles Git Tutorial – … Continue reading Git learning resources