One night in Maribor

Main square in Maribor

We just got back from our summer vacation in Croatia. We decided to spend three weeks at Falkensteiner Senia again, just like in the last two years.

We repeated our route to Zadar from last year and we stopped in Zagreb for one night. On the way back in the last two years we stopped in Ljubljana and in Graz. This time we decided to stay overnight in Maribor.

Ice cream at Torterie Macaron in Zadar

We started our drive at 10 am on Saturday and we took a coffee and ice cream break at Torterie Macaron in Supernova in Zadar. They have the best ice cream in town. Supernove had a big sale on that day called Super Saturday, too bad that we had to leave so I didn’t have time to shop.

We left Zadar around noon and the drive to Maribor should have taken 4 hours but we were stuck in a traffic jam in front of the border for 3 hours so it took us 8 hours to get to Maribor. We arrived at 20 o’clock in the evening to the hotel. We spent the night at Hotel City Maribor, we got a huge room directly overlooking the river. The restaurant on the 5th floor has a gorgeous terrace also overlooking the river.

View over the river from the hotel in Maribor

We rested a few minutes and headed out for dinner because we were starving. We tried Jack & Joe Steak and Burger place but it was quite full and the waiters were very unfriendly about accommodating us with a table so we left. It was for the best because we ended up in a street full with bars, pubs and restaurants. We decided to have cevapi at Baลกฤarลกija.


After a good night sleep and a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we checked out of our room, packed our bags in the cars and went to visit the city. We took a stroll along the river and walked in the narrow streets of the inner city. The stores are closed on Sunday so the city was very quiet and empty, we met only a few tourists along the way.

Street in Maribor

The drive home went smooth, except a traffic jam in front of Regensburg but we arrived at 19 o’clock at home.