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Hello World!

I am a Software Engineer and Team Leader with over 15 years of industry experience with Microsoft technologies. Specialist in Web and Windows application development with focus on front-end, user interface engineering and user experience. Interested also in mobile app development, games, cloud, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Received bachelor’s degree in Mathematics – Computer Science.

I am a:

I am interested in:

  • Computer science: I enjoy keeping up with the technology development, studying programming languages and learning new technologies.
  • Sports: I enjoy staying active through a variety of activities like running, fitness training, long-distance bicycle touring, hiking on nature trails and attending fitness events.
  • Travels: I enjoy travelling, sightseeing and exploring new places a great deal. I visited places in Europe and in the U.S.
  • Photography: I enjoy taking landscape, portrait & food photographs.
  • Film and literature: when I am trying to relax I enjoy reading books, watching movies/TV shows and going to the cinema with friends.
  • Gaming: I enjoy playing multiplayer coop games on the Xbox.
  • Cooking and baking: I enjoy eating healthy, I like trying new recipes, experimenting with new flavors and trying different cuisines.
  • Animals: I love dogs, currently living with cats as they were part of an all-inclusive boyfriend deal. I don’t think they accepted me in the herd yet but they tolerate me.

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Email: contact [at] fitgeekgirl [dot] com

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