My programming language history

1996 – 2004: Pascal, C++, Java, C#

I started coding in high school in Pascal and then switched to C++ and eventually Java and C# later on, including also the years in the university (I studied Mathematics and Computer Science). We did a lot of algorithms on paper and in code but also small projects in order to learn to think like programmers.

2002 – 2005: Oracle, Visual FoxPro

My tasks at my first job were database-oriented. I started out with Oracle as we evaluated it for building a new application and then did a little bit of Visual FoxPro.

2005 – 2007: Java, JSP

We built a website using the MVC pattern in Java and JSP. We implemented and used our own framework to generate the model, the view and the controller to shorten the time and simplify the effort during development because a lot of the webpages had a similar structure.

2005 – 2007: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Java, C#

I did a lot of freelancing in my free time during these years. I started with data entry and testing to win new clients and build trust, then moved to programming websites (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP) and Windows applications (Java, C#).

2007 – 2012: C#, Asp.Net, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery

I’ve spent quite a few years building websites in C#, Asp.Net, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery. I started out first with WebForms but then switched to MVC as soon as it came out. We also used the controls from DevExpress and Telerik.

2012 – today: C#, Windows Forms. GDI+

I am currently developing a WinForms application in C# with some part being written in C++. I do a lot of GDI and GDI+ drawing but we are also evaluating Direct 2D and SVG for the future.

I would like to get back to web development in my free time and also learn some of the new languages that are now out there and being used successfully.