“Angular & Beyond” Meetup @ FrankenJS

It was my first time attending the FrankenJS meetup. I came across it in the meetup's recommendations and I was super impressed with the next event so I decided to just register and go. The meetup was free and it was at one of the best locations where I have been, in the New Museum. … Continue reading “Angular & Beyond” Meetup @ FrankenJS

Hello World with Alexa and AWS Lambda

Creating an Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda is easy. I used the Hello World sample skill and this tutorial to deploy my first Alexa skill using AWS Lambda: Deploy a Sample Custom Skill to AWS Lambda. I had to jump between many pages to complete the tutorial so I summarize the steps with the corresponding links … Continue reading Hello World with Alexa and AWS Lambda

Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour

I was so happy when it was announced that Scott Guthrie is coming to Germany for the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour that I immediately registered for Munich. Many people came from all around Europe, there were even organized buses from Prague. https://twitter.com/spasobn/status/953971074701647872 The trip to Munich was a great adventure, to say the least. The … Continue reading Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour

Getting started with AWS: Cloud Compute

AWS offers the following cloud compute products: Lightsail for simple applications. EC2 if you need control of the OS and virtual machine. Elastic Beanstalk if you need virtual machines but want more automation done by AWS for you. ECS, Kubernetes for ECS and Fargate if you want to utilize containers instead of virtual machines. Fargate … Continue reading Getting started with AWS: Cloud Compute

Making of twitch-stream-countdown: Get followed channels

The starting point for developers wanting to use the Twitch API is the Twitch Developers page. Getting started with the Twitch API is relatively easy: create an account and create an app. Once I've done that, I went through the documentation to find out what I will need to call from the code. The idea of … Continue reading Making of twitch-stream-countdown: Get followed channels