Troubleshooting SpecFlow in Visual Studio

Image source: I have been evaluating SpecFlow and getting it running in Visual Studio 2017 has not been easy. I created a .Net Framework 4.6.2 project and these are the problems that I encountered and how I fixed them. SpecFlow designer codebehind generation is not compatible with MSBuild codebehind generation. The custom tool must … Continue reading Troubleshooting SpecFlow in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event

Scott Hanselman kicked off the Visual Studio Launch online event with the "Not your average keynote", visiting many employees on the Microsoft campus who are involved with creating VS2019. We had the chance to virtually get to know the people behind Visual Studio and their different personalities and take a peak at the new features. … Continue reading Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event

Self-Driving Cars

I watched the introductory lecture of the MIT Self-Driving Cars series and these are the highlights of the lecture. Video: Website: GitHub Tutorials: Waymo has done incredible work in deploying and testing their autonomous vehicles. The other incredible accomplishment is on the side of the semi-autonomous driving of autopilot. The autopilot miles … Continue reading Self-Driving Cars

Deep Reinforcement Learning

I watched the lecture on Deep Reinforcement Learning and these are the highlights of the lecture. Video: Slides: Website: GitHub Tutorials: Every type of machine learning is supervised learning. The difference is the source of the supervision. Supervised learning vs. reinforcement learning The process of how machines learn to act in … Continue reading Deep Reinforcement Learning