AWS Summit Berlin 2017 Keynote

Klaus Buerg, general manager of AWS Germany The biggest event AWS had in Berlin with 3000+ attendees, 70+ exhibitors and 60+ breakout sessions. 3 themes: Digitalization, Cloud Adoption and Next Gen Apps. Innovation Lab: Alexa Demos, Industry 4.0. AWS Training & Certification, AWS Recruiting. AWS is creating 200 full time developer positions in 2017, additionally… Continue reading AWS Summit Berlin 2017 Keynote


Build 2017 Day 2 Keynote

Terry Myerson kicks off the keynote on day 2. The spirit of creativity lives in all of us. We experience our creativity by writing code. By something coming to life on the screen. We see this creativity at Build and all around the world. Windows at its foundation has been a place to unlock this… Continue reading Build 2017 Day 2 Keynote


Build 2017 Day 1 Keynote

Satya Nadella kicks off the keynote with a warm welcome to Seattle and Build. It's stunning to see the progress of technology. 90% of all the data has been generated in the last 2 years. Building trust in technology is crucial. It is up to us. First by taking accountability and responsibility. That mission, that… Continue reading Build 2017 Day 1 Keynote


Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour ’17

Scott Guthrie himself, live on stage, for 5 hours of interactive coding!  Here are the dates and locations as well as the links to register for the events: Amsterdam on 24th of May London on 25th of May Dublin on 26th of May Oslo on 29th of May

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Berlin, I am coming for you! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

AWS Global Summit 2017 is a free event organized all over the world and the conference is taking place in Berlin on the 18th of May. I registered this week and ai am super excited to learn about AWS. I checked the races that week in Berlin and I was happy to see that the… Continue reading Berlin, I am coming for you! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ