Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event

Scott Hanselman kicked off the Visual Studio Launch online event with the “Not your average keynote”, visiting many employees on the Microsoft campus who are involved with creating VS2019. We had the chance to virtually get to know the people behind Visual Studio
and their different personalities and take a peak at the new features.

They are people after all.

Scott Hanselman

How are decisions made which features are included into VS2019?

  • Customer-driven: Customer Research with UX Lab Studies, tracking mouse clicks and body language
  • Data-Driven: builds, burn down charts and “in the wild” experiences (crashes, performance)

New employees spend 2 weeks at the Dev Div Bootcamp to learn about the product.

New features in VS2019

  • New Create new project dialog with search-based view and filter
  • Add GitHub link clones repo automatically
  • Full context sharing session with shared servers, watch and IntelliSense
  • IntelliCode for C#, XAML, C++ in VS2019 and TypeScript, JavaScript and Python in VS Code, including Custom Model that can be shared
  • Managed data breakpoints for C#, already in C++
  • VS2017 already has snapshot debugging for ASP.Net and .Net Core. New in VS2019 is time travel debugging, currently in preview.
  • Live unit testing: automatically re-run tests in the background while coding.
  • Wrapping parameters in new line.
  • Most important hotkeys: Ctrl + . , Ctrl + T and Ctrl + Q
  • New colors for methods and so on, using the new Roslyn categorization.
  • LINQ refactoring for for/foreach
  • Code cleanup: export ruleset to a .editorconfig file and share it. Run refactoring on the entire codebase using the ruleset.
  • VS2019 on Mac now shares code with VS2019 on Windows so it is easier to build features in both applications.
  • Mobile development with VS2019 on Windows includes IntelliCode for Xamarin XAML, reduced size from 32 Gb to 8 Gb and build/deploy times are faster.
  • Azure Development with VS2019 includes many new templates, emulators locally so no need for cloud connector and no increase in cloud bills, easily publish from local to cloud and you can choose existing resource instead of having to create a new one.

The keynote was followed by many sessions and 21 prizes could be won throughout the day.