Best of Bavaria: Burgthann and Altdorf

We agreed to meet with friends on Sunday and go for a walk along the Ludwig Canal. The canal is 172 km long and there are many bicyclists and hikers along the way.

The meeting point was in Burgthann and we skipped breakfast in the morning so we decided to have a coffee first before the big walk. We walked for 5 km along the canal. The trail is flat and right along the canal. It was sunny most of the time and quite hot so we decided that a total of 10 km in 2 hours is enough.

We returned to Burgthann for lunch at beer garden Zum Ludwigkanal. The beer garden is very full on the weekend and today it was no exception. They serve lunch until 14 o’clock and the menu includes typical Franconian dishes which are very heavy on meat. They serve trout on special days but unfortunately today was not one of them so I chose the salmon steak with salad and it was delicious.

Next we drove to Altdorf and took a walk in the old town. The city is small and the market place is very nice. Many people were out and about sitting at coffee places and ice cream parlors.

We had some ice cream before returning home to rest and relax for the rest of the evening.