Best of Bavaria: Aschaffenburg

It was a long weekend with Monday being a holiday and we usually go away for the entire weekend but we don’t have a cat sitter this time so we have to stay home. Nevertheless we decided to spend a nice day in Aschaffenburg on Sunday.

The car ride took 2 hours due to the many building sites on the highway. Our first stop was in the castle Johannisburg and we took the ticket combo so that we can visit the Pompejanum as well.

Inside the castle they are renovating so many parts are closed but the miniature cork museum was impressive. I didn’t even know that making miniature buildings from corks are a thing. The one with the colosseum in Rome is the biggest worldwide and you can see it in this castle.

Next we walked along the river Main to the ships and took a break at the beer garden to have a drink because it was so hot in the sun. Afterwards we visited Pompejanum and the park around it.

Finally we went to the old town and strolled around the narrow streets. The stores are closed on Sunday so the city was almost empty and so quiet.

The restaurant that we picked out for dinner would open later at 5 pm so we visited the park Schรถntal before heading to eat at Union Table and Top.

We were all starving so we each ordered the craft burger with fries and it was delicious. I was in a food coma during the 2 hour drive home and I might have even had a nap in the car.

Aschaffenburg is a beautiful city to visit in the summer with many nice parks and the promenade on the river Main is a great place to walk, bike or just sit in the sun in a beer garden.

Where to eat & drink:

What to visit:

  • Johannisberg castle
  • River Main
  • Schรถntal park
  • Pompejanum