Self-Driving Cars

I watched the introductory lecture of the MIT Self-Driving Cars series and these are the highlights of the lecture. Video: Website: GitHub Tutorials: Waymo has done incredible work in deploying and testing their autonomous vehicles. The other incredible accomplishment is on the side of the semi-autonomous driving of autopilot. The autopilot miles … Continue reading Self-Driving Cars

Deep Reinforcement Learning

I watched the lecture on Deep Reinforcement Learning and these are the highlights of the lecture. Video: Slides: Website: GitHub Tutorials: Every type of machine learning is supervised learning. The difference is the source of the supervision. Supervised learning vs. reinforcement learning The process of how machines learn to act in … Continue reading Deep Reinforcement Learning

Deep Learning Basics

I watched the first lecture on Deep Learning Basics from the MIT course 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars and these are the highlights of the lecture. Slides for this lecture:ย Website: GitHub repo with tutorials: Why Deep Learning? No need of human expert involvement. Great overview of the TensorFlow ecosystem. The Deep … Continue reading Deep Learning Basics

Experimenting with Machine Learning on Azure

This weekend I want to experiment with machine learning on Azure. I don't have my own Jupyter notebook server so I want to use theย Azure Notebooks, which are Free Jupyter based notebooks in the Azure cloud. The first thing I noticed is that there are two types of workspaces: ML and ML Studio. What is … Continue reading Experimenting with Machine Learning on Azure