Sightseeing in London

Day 1: Tower of London and Tower Bridge Financial District Tower of London Tower Bridge River Thames walk We arrived to Stanton Airport early in the morning at 7 o'clock and took the Stanton Express to Liverpool Street. The train ride took 1 hour. We walked to the Ibis Shoreditch hotel and arrived there in … Continue reading Sightseeing in London

FrankenJS Meetup June 14th 2018 @ Zollhof

Monetising Your App with Payment Request API - Christian Liebel, Thinktecture AG, Karlsruhe Goodbye, app store! Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is an application model that empowers web applications to use “native” features such as offline capability or push notifications. PWAs can be installed on the device by simply adding them to the home screen. With … Continue reading FrankenJS Meetup June 14th 2018 @ Zollhof

Making of weather-alert (1): Create Azure Functions with Visual Studio Code

weather-alert weather-alert analyzes and tweets if the local weather conditions are favorable for outdoor activities on the next day. Steps: Checks the weather forecast on OpenWeatherMap Analyze the weather conditions for outdoors activities Posts a tweet if the weather conditions are favorable VSCode setup Install the Azure Functions extension in VS Code and sign in to Azure, … Continue reading Making of weather-alert (1): Create Azure Functions with Visual Studio Code

Paleo Brunch Bowl

I've been cutting down on grains in the last 2 weeks (due to tummy issues, sorry for the TMI) and sometimes it's hard to decide what to eat. I used to eat grains every day and probably too much of it: bread with almost everything, oatmeal and muesli for breakfast, rice, noodles... I've whipped up … Continue reading Paleo Brunch Bowl

Best of Bavaria: Lauf an der Pegnitz

It's weekend again so that means that we are going on a spontaneous day trip again. We chose Lauf an der Pegnitz because we were hungry and it is only 15 minutes by train. I was positively surprised by this small city, the city center is typical Franconian. The marketplace is unfortunately used as a … Continue reading Best of Bavaria: Lauf an der Pegnitz