Single-Page Application Libraries

I got the idea of building twitch-stream-countdown after having a hard time keeping track of the schedules of all the awesome people that I am watching live coding on Twitch. They usually post on Twitch and/or Twitter when they will be live and there is a Twitch plugin to show a countdown until the next stream but … Continue reading Single-Page Application Libraries

Crime dinner in the castle of Heidelberg

I booked us a crime dinner in the castle in Heidelberg back in June. It was a surprise gift for our 10 years anniversary. I searched for a show with Sherlock Holmes because my bf loves Holmes and I found The Hound of Baskerville here , plus the dinner menu sounded delicious. Having dinner in … Continue reading Crime dinner in the castle of Heidelberg

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at Amazon

What is AI? A system or service which can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI is not something new. The rise of AI started 60 years ago. In 1957 Frank Rosenblatt invented The Perceptron and in 1975 The Backpropagation was published. People talked about AI but it never became mainstream. That is until 2011 … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at Amazon

Learn something new: October challenge

I have started a new challenge to learn something new in one month. My goal in October was to get better at unit testing. I started reading the book The Art of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove some time ago and I wanted to finish it in October. I am proud to say that I … Continue reading Learn something new: October challenge

Isolation frameworks

Mock or isolation frameworks are the bread an butter of advanced unit testing scenarios. An isolation framework is a library that allows you to isolate the unit of work from its dependencies by having the possibility to create and configure dynamic stubs and dynamic mocks at runtime. The classes are generated dynamically at runtime so … Continue reading Isolation frameworks