Microsoft Build 2018 – Keynote 2 Summary

Microsoft 365 Platform: Windows + Office + Graph Joe Belfiore, CVP Windows We see the world evolving. We see solutions being built in compinaion of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. We believe in data and AI, in devices that are multi-sense.Today we focus on Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is a product suite with Windows, Office … Continue reading Microsoft Build 2018 – Keynote 2 Summary

Microsoft Build 2018 – Keynote 1 Summary

Charlotte Yarkoni, Corporate VC EcosystemsMicrosoft got its start by building developer tools and developers is always at its heart. The developer advocates go where developers are, even at unexpected places. All at Microsoft arew here to understand what is important to developers and to empower developers. Developers over 70 countries are attending Build, youngest attendie … Continue reading Microsoft Build 2018 – Keynote 1 Summary

Best of Bavaria: Ansbach

We started the long weekend with a day trip to Ansbach. 1st of May is a holiday and I took Monday off as well so we can have 4 days to relax. I thought about going somewhere for the entire weekend but we are traveling to US next weekend so I am taking advantage of … Continue reading Best of Bavaria: Ansbach

Artificial Intelligence Learning Resources

AI School Microsoft Professional Program MIT 6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning

Best of Bavaria: Bamberg

It's finally spring and the weather is nice and warm so we can get out of the house, enjoy the sun and fresh air and move more. We drove to Bamberg last weekend to visit the city, have lunch and try some of their famous beers. I finally had the chance to use my DSLR … Continue reading Best of Bavaria: Bamberg