Build 2015 Keynote Day 1 Recap

– Intro by Satya Nadella
– Scott Gu talks about Azure
— Embraced open source from the beginning
— Over 90,000 new Azure customer subscriptions each month
— 500 new Azure services since Build 2014
– Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, and Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure, talk about Docker, .NET, Windows and Azure
– Announcing .NET cross-platform distribution for Linux & Mac
– Continuous integration between users and developers using Azure App Services.
– Scott Hanselman talks about:
— Apache Cordova tools
— Android emulator for Visual Studio
— Application Insights for mobile apps on any platforms
— Announcing: Visual Studio Code for Windows, Mac, Linux provides fast coding, Intellisense, debugging, GIT. Available for free today at code.visualstudio.con!!!
– Scott Gu talks about Azure Service Fabric, release Windows SDK this week and Linux on the roadmap, run on multicloud environment
– .Net Core now for Windows, Linux and Mac
– Announcing for SQL DB capabilities available today: TDE support, full text searsch support, elastic database pool to manage lots of dbs.
– Announcing new Azure services: SQL Data Warehouse that can power up in seconds, Data Lake to store and process infinite data
– Scott Gu: “There was never a better time to be a developer.”
– A quick tour of Office up next
— Demo of Office 2016 for Windows
— Nadella: Moving from Office from us to Office from our partners.
— Addons for Office, work in the web and mobile apps too, e.g. DocuSign, SAP, LinkedIn and SalesForce in Outlook, Uber
— Announcing Sway, new in the Office family with interactive story telling with integrated services
— 1.5 billion Office users
– Windows 10 up next
— Windows 10 is not just a new release but a new generation of Windows.
— Targeting the largest device family ever
— One platform, one binary running across all of these devices
— New business models in the new Windows Store: subscription, referrals
— Announcing carrier billing for all Windows 10 devices
— Introducing Windows Store for business: highlight apps, consumer apps, private LOB apps
— Free upgrade in the first year
— Goal: 1 billion devices running Windows 10 within 2-3 years after release
— Announcing 4 new ways to leverage existing skills, reuse current code base and to reduce cost and effort for bringing new applications to the Windows Store:
—– #1: website,
—– #2: .Net and Win32 desktop applications running in App-V,
—– #3: Android subsystem by reusing Java/C++ code,
—– #4: iOS by reusing Objective C code and converting xcode file into Visual Studio solution: use Objective-C code and compile it in Visual Studio for Windows Store, highlighting all the weirdness of Objective-C for iOS in Visual Studio ๐Ÿ˜‚
—– You can now compile your objective c and android apps in Visual Studio to run on all Windows devices.
—– Windows Phones won’t run iOS/Android apps but devs can re-use code to easily port apps over to Windows Phone.
—– Example: Candy Crush Saga by King
— Giveaway to all Build 2015 attendies: HP Spectre x360
—– โ€œDo the upgrade to Windows 10 on your hotelโ€™s wifiโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚
– Joe Belfiore takes the stage to talk about Windows Phone:
— Oock screen enhancements,
— Cortana – assistance with app engagement, new UI for the Cortana pop-up, execute commands in apps
— Announcing the new name for Project Spartan: Microsoft Edge – browser built for Windows 10
— First look at Continuum on Windows 10 phones, requires new hardware for dual screen: phones and tablets can connect with Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and monitors.
– Alex Kipman talks about and demoes HoloLens: Microsoft’s holographic computer with mixed reality, connect virtual world with real life
— Unveiling the Windows Holographic Platform
— App tags along with “Follow me”
— Holograms are universal windows apps with Windows 10 and all universal windows apps can be made to work on Windows Holographic.
— Build 2015 attendees get to experience HoloLens this week