Build 2015 Keynote Day 2 Recap

- Steven Guggs Guggenheimer and John Shew talk about developer conversations and partnerships - Entertainment and media - Commercial applications --- Announcing AutoDesk integration with Windows 10: Spark engine for 3D printing built into Windows 10 - David Treadwell talks about the Universal Windows Platform lets developers reach bilions of users: One API. One Package. … Continue reading Build 2015 Keynote Day 2 Recap

Build 2015 Keynote Day 1 Recap

- Intro by Satya Nadella - Scott Gu talks about Azure --- Embraced open source from the beginning --- Over 90,000 new Azure customer subscriptions each month --- 500 new Azure services since Build 2014 - Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, and Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure, talk about Docker, .NET, Windows and Azure - … Continue reading Build 2015 Keynote Day 1 Recap

dotNetConf – .NET Community Virtual Conference

dotNetConf - .NET Community Virtual ConferenceCheck out this awesome online conference for .Net developers "dotNetConf - .NET Community Virtual Conference" fromWednesday, June 25, 2014 at 9:00 AM until Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 5:00 PM (PDT).Registration is free and it is going to be amazing! You can already check the list with all the great … Continue reading dotNetConf – .NET Community Virtual Conference