Build 2015 Keynote Day 2 Recap

– Steven Guggs Guggenheimer and John Shew talk about developer conversations and partnerships
– Entertainment and media
– Commercial applications
— Announcing AutoDesk integration with Windows 10: Spark engine for 3D printing built into Windows 10
– David Treadwell talks about the Universal Windows Platform lets developers reach bilions of users: One API. One Package. Same platform.
– Kevin Gallo demoes Windows 10 app design across devices.
– Microsoft EdgeHTML: Web Engine
– Microsoft Edge benchmarks show it’s faster than IE11, Chrome and Firefox.
– Demo about Universal Windows Platform bridges: turning your web, Android and iOS code into an app.
– Announcing manifestjs
– Announcing Vorlon open source tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript
– Announcing project Ason.js
– Announcing GitHub Enterprise for Azure to build better software together.
– Joseph Sirosh talks about data and the intelligent cloud
– Retrospective data
— Demo of March Madness 2015 Predictor by Adam Garland with Azure Machine Learning with two-class decision jungle and sweep parameters
– Real-time data: Twitter, Facebook & co.
– Language of data: R
– Predictive data
— Cow pedometer by Fujitsu
— Analyzing genomic data for disease risk using Azure
– Demo 3D mash of Pompei generated by Azure based on 50 hours of drone time and 30K pictures
– Demo Final Fantasy built with DirectX12 (Square Enix)
– Announcing Minecraft modding: extension of the game
— Used in over 5000 school to teach kids coding
— MinecraftForge Mod project templates for Visual Studio in Java
– Hackfests: in Seattle, new Reactor space in SFO
– Build tour in 26 cities worldwide