BlueVIBE F1T wireless sports headset


I’ve been considering buying a wireless headset for the gym because the cables are so annoying while working out.

The Beats are so popular that I almost got myself one too but I changed my mind after reading in all the reviews that the quality is not so good and it breaks easily. For that price I expect high quality!

I happened to stumble upon the BlueVIBE F1T on Amazon and decided to try it out. I am using it since two weeks at the gym with my Nokia Lumia Icon (929) and I am happy with it so far.

The headset works over Bluetooth and it covers a lot of distance, for example I can walk around my entire gym without having to carry my phone around the entire time. I can listen to music and I can also take calls if I pair it with a phone.

It is super easy to set up and connect to a phone/tablet/notebook/… It can be charged with the USB cable that is included in the box. I charged it only once till now and it still holds.

The headset is pretty basic, it has one power button and two volume buttons on the right side.

To switch the headset on, simply press the power button for 5 seconds. I first thought that my headset was broken because it wouldn’t turn on after I counted to 5 but you literally have to count down 5 seconds (1 mississipi, two missisippi,… 5 missisipi works great) and the blue light will signal that the headset is now on.

Same for turning it off: count down for 5 seconds and you will see a red light where the blue light was blinking in on-mode, the light disappears and then it’s off.

The volume can be increased or decreased with the volume buttons and if you press the volume button twice you switch to the previous or the next song.


The headset is sweat-resistant and quite comfortable during working out and it stays on also when running or lying down. I did however notice that it starts to hurt behind my ears after about 1 hour. Also the headset is a bit too large for me and the ear buds are slipping out of my ears so I have to adjust them once in awhile. The sound quality is ok for a wireless headset at in this price category but it definitely cannot be compared to high-end headsets.

I wouldn’t say that this headset is an absolute buy recommendation but I think it’s acceptable. Honestly I am still dreaming about a Bluetooth on-ear or over-ear sports headset with amazing sound quality but for now I am going to enjoy this one and perhaps see later what else comes on the market.