Next destination: Switzerland

T-2 days until my vacation in Switzerland!!! I am so excited and I can’t wait to enjoy all the nice walks, hikes and the nature.

We are going on Friday to Bremgarten to visit friends and we will hopefully spend a few hours in Zรผrich. I love that city!

On Monday we will be heading to Zermatt Matternhornย where we are staying for 3 nights. I plan on hiking a lot and also enjoying the sun and the mountains and taking lots of pictures, of course.

The last part of the trip is a 3-night stop at the Lake Lucerne. Everybody says that it’s so beautiful there so I absolutely want to go there but I am still searching for a hotel.

Preparations are in full speed as we speak and after a long search on Saturday I finally found hiking shoes and today I bought hiking pants too. I am all set for the trip but I will have to organize packing everything in one bag so that I take enough street and hiking clothes but also some warm clothes for Matterhorn where it’s -5 to 0 degrees Celsius. First world problems!