Gym, life and other ramblings

It’s been a long time since my last update so here it is.

I changed my gym membership this week, my previous contract included so many things that I don’t use (no time :() and it was a pity to pay for some things that I just don’t use.

I cancelled the classes, which I am probably the most sad about. I had them in my contract as a backup to weight training but it’s been months since ai went to a class last time and I just had to pick between the two so I chose to take out the classes.

I am actually missing yoga mostly. I kept planning each week to squeeze in a yoga session but I just don’t have the time. Instead I might do some yoga at home from now on.

So eventually I kept the weight training, cardio and sauna in my contract, these are the essentials that I really need and i will see in the upcoming months how it goes.


As you know I am doing the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer since beginning of June. I am currently in phase 3 and it’s tough. I can’t combine upper and lower body workouts to one day because one workout takes me about 1.5 hours. I can’t spend 3 hours in the gym if I would combine them but even if I would have the time the workouts are so intense with all the active rests and super sets that I can barely finish one.

There are 6 workouts per week and combining them is not really an option but also going 6 times per week to the gym is too much for me and I’ve seen lots of people burn out in phase 3. So I decided to do phase 3 in my own time, just taking the workouts one after the other and I manage about 3-4 workouts per week. I am currently in week 10!

It will obviously take me longer than the planned 4 weeks to finish phase 3 but that’s ok. I want to enjoy working out and not burn out or injure myself.

I am still biking and running but not so often right now. I actually signed up for my next running race in October so I am planning to do some more running but I guess the HIIT sessions on the treadmill after each weight training count too. I definitely notice an improvement in my endurance and speed ever since doing HIIT.

I stopped running with the group unfortunately, the trainer couldn’t make it a few times and then I had knee pains some other times and I also realized that the group was simply too fast for me but also that running in the summer in the afternoon in the big heat is not good. I suggested that we move it to early morning but it won’t happen so I am out.

My gym was closed this week on Tuesday and Wednesday for renovations. I trained legs on Monday (I LOVE LEG DAY!!!) and went on Thursday to see how my gym looks like after the renovations. I did back and abs and the gym was packed full, I don’t understand why.

I am traveling to Switzerland today so yesterday was the last workout for this week. I actually wanted to go this morning to the gym but it took me over 2 hours to pack for the trip because I couldn’t really decide what to take with me, the weather is changing so often lately that I need clothesfor warm and cold weather too (too bad i can’t take my entire closet with me!).

After I realized the I won’t make it to the gym today I decided to go running after I finish packing but the weather is definitely against me because there is a huge storm right now. Sigh! Oh well I guess a Jilian Michaels dvd followed by some yoga it is.


I am taking a summer break right now from the Microsoft certifications but I am playing a bit with 3D graphics and transformations. I plan on making a small game just for fun.


The little free time that I have left after work and the workouts I’ve spent with friends having dinner, going for walks in the city or watching a movie in the cinema.

I am currently super addicted to The Big Bang Theory. I am a huge fan of Sheldon!!!

Ok, that’s it for now. Time to dust off those Jilian Michaels and yoga dvds before the road trip. ๐Ÿ™‚