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I’ve written recently at Too much information about the new audio coach issue that I get every 15-30 seconds feedback for short intervals and there is no way to disable it. I have discovered a new issue with the training plan on Endomondo and this is equally annoying.

I decided after 12 weeks to end the C25K training plan and do my own thing instead (at least for now). I felt the need for some change and I will combine running with the gym workouts. So I set the end date of the training plan to the last workout and this seemed to work. Capture2 But then if I check my calendar, the workouts from the training plan are still displayed. Capture Capture1 Because I am not doing the C25K anymore, the workouts appear red, as if I skipped them. I do NOT like red workouts in my calendar! Also the iPhone app notifies me every time for the scheduled workout from the training plan which is seriously annoying me already.

I would prefer not to delete the training plan because I worry that the existing workouts for the last 12 weeks will be also deleted from my calendar and I work really hard for them.

What gives, Endomondo?


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  1. Hi
    I did the same but then created a new plan. This then deleted all my old plan data and put me back on week one. I’d love to be able to export a training plan or play around with an existing plan without having the risk of losing all record of my hard work!

    Did you find a fix?

  2. Hi Tony,

    It’s really awful that your old data was deleted. This shouldn’t happen when we create a new training plan. It must be a bug and a critical one, I can’t imagine that they really planned the feature this way because that would be a major fail.

    I would also like to export and tweak the training plan but I don’t think that it is possible yet. You can request this feature and report bugs on this site: https://getsatisfaction.com/endomondo. If it already is on the site, then vote for it to go to the top. I use this site a lot because Endomondo rarely replies on social media. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I didn’t find a fix last time I did the training plan but I am actually planning to start a new training plan soon. I am still waiting for the training plans to come to Windows Phone 8 too. The WP8 app is very basic and so buggy, I reported major bugs and they still haven’t fixed them. Nevertheless now I also worry that my old data will be deleted and if it is, they will get a very angry bug report from me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the links and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve thought about a running group but was never sure – your experiences have encouraged me to look again.

    Being able to tweak a training plan would be great. What I did find is that doing a fitness test (I did a Cooper) forces an update to the plan. That meant the times and paces all went back to how they were.


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