Knowing my limits

Weight training on Tuesday was intense! In fact, it was so intense that my whole upper body was extremely sore yesterday, the lower body less because we haven’t worked it so much.

Nevertheless I went swimming yesterday evening and the pain stopped briefly. I even managed to swim for a full hour and improve my personal best.

Today on the other hand is a completely different story. I woke up with incredibly sore biceps and I couldn’t and still can’t straighten my arms, it hurts that much. I knew those big weights for bicep curls were too much!

I went around work today crying like a baby and could barely make it through the day. Although I planned to do another weight training session tonight, I know my limits and changed my plans to go to Pilates instead.

The owner of the gym was our Pilates trainer and the exercises were pretty tough but nothing I couldn’t handle. I must confess that I did the newbie level at some exercises but I made it and I didn’t give up!

In other news, I think I broke the hairdrier at the gym. I set it to the hottest strongest level and after 5 minutes it just stopped working. I tried to switch it on and off a few times but it still wouldn’t start. I hope it only overheated and that it will start working again after it cooled off.

My breakfast these past few weeks has been fresh orange-grapefruit juice and a black coffee. It’s pretty far from the nutritious rich breakfast that is recommended to start the day. I usually prepare hot oats with chia seeds, honey and milk, topped with walnuts, cinnamon and fresh berries to take to work, sort of like my morning snack, but today I couldn’t find the time to eat it so I ended up storing it in the fridge for tomorrow morning. I guess I’ll have then cold oats instead of hot.

I am looking forward to the 1st of December because we have some plans with friends and I get to open the first door of my advent calendar. I usually have one with chocolate but this year I decided to do something else and ordered the Bio Porridge Noats 2 Go from MyMuesli in October. Luckily I ordered it so early because it’s sold out since weeks!

The advent calendar contains 24 cups in 9 varieties. This porridge is like oats and it is best eaten warm, perfect for the cold winter mornings! I just have to add milk and it’s ready in 3 minutes in the microwave. It’s organic, rich in fibres and very filling.

Now if only my dinner tonight would be that easy and fast to prepare…