Compression socks and foam roller

I’ve never been as consistent with running as I am now and I love it. I am in week 7 of the C25k training plan on Endomondo and I am still motivated to keep going but my calf muscles are really feeling it so I decided to order compression socks specialized for runners and a foam roller.


Compression socks stimulate blood flow and help muscles recover faster after a run. I’ve tested the compression socks yesterday after my usual Saturday run. I’ve worn them for a couple of hours and it felt really good. It often happens to me that my calfs are so tight after a run that I can’t stand up or walk normally but with these babies it’s all ok! Some people also wear it during the run, which I might try out as well because I sometimes have calf muscle pains.


The foam roller is for relaxing the muscle by massaging each muscle group. I was pretty undecided which foam roller to buy but eventually ordered the Blackroll Orange Standard with additional exercise sheet and dvd since I am such a newbie. This foam roller is up for testing today after my Sunday run but I already unpacked it to see what’s in the box.


There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to use a foam roller but I thought that having the sheet and dvd wouldn’t hurt.


It’s too soon to tell if these do any good but I will report back in a few days/weeks.

2 thoughts on “Compression socks and foam roller

  1. If my calf muscles are really sore I freeze a small bottle of water and use that as a roller too. Walking on the tips of my toes and heels during my warm-up and cool down helps too. Good luck with C25K, it really does work.

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