Today has been such a great day at work. I planned to go on a big shopping spree after work but I was so wrapped up in a fun coding session that I totally forgot about the time.

I put my headphone on this morning, started the music (ashamed to say that I chose Miley Cyrus’ new album but that I actually enjoyed it too, #1 currently on Xbox Music) and coded away.

BTW Xbox Music is now available for free in the browser at and it is way awesome! I love it!

Back to the topic of the post, I sometimes stop and think how far I’ve come professionally and I almost can’t believe it myself.

I am so grateful…

… to my mom for supporting me throughout high school and making it possible for me to follow my passion of Math & Computer Science,

… to my first boss taking me to the IT department after only two months at the mail room during the second year of the university to give this newbie the opportunity to work in the chosen field,

… and last but not least to all the people who made it possible for me to move to Germany and work on amazing projects and learn so much from them.

Luck aside, I had a dream, I worked hard for it and it eventually paid off.

I am in a really happy place right now. I am living the dream!