It’s been 6 weeks since I started the healthy diet and running plan with Endomondo.

I weight myself once a week on Sundays and measure also body fat, muscles and take body measurements. Today is again a measurement day. I missed it last week because I was traveling and, although I had a few cheat days, I was consistent with the workouts (ok, I missed three running sessions because of the trip but I walked a lot instead) and I was optimistic that I didn’t do much damage but instead the measurements will be better than two weeks ago. I had some visual cues that pointed me in that direction too: my clothes fit looser and people tell me that I lost weight.

Well, even with all these positive hints, the scale shows no improvements and some measurements are even worse than in the last 30 days.

It’s hard not to feel frustrated and disappointed and I could give up but I won’t! I am obviously doing something wrong so I have to figure out what that is so that I can do better in the future.

While analysing my workout calendar, I noticed that I am doing a lot of cardio and I already wrote about this. I planned to do more strength training to build more muscles but somehow didn’t put my plan in practice. I definitely need to work on this but my gym membership is expiring in one month and I have to look for a better one. Until then I decided to take advantage of that last month (although I mentioned that I am not happy to go to this gym), I am paying for it after all and I have my workout dvds too.

Nevertheless I kind of expected to have better results even with only going running so I guess my main problem is my eating habit. I am logging all my food on MyFitnessPal so I started analysing what I eat and apparently it’s too much fat. I try to stay within my daily calorie limits and stick to the macros 40-30-30 but fail most of the days and it didn’t bother me till now. I think this is one area that I have to improve.

This is a slow frustrating process and it’s a constant trial and error until I find what works best for me but I choose not to take the easy way out by quitting or starving so I will keep searching.