Kindle book lending on

Customers of the german website have the possibility to borrow one book per month without an expiration date. I've been waiting for this since years. I've used several book lending clubs while having my kindle on but ever since I had to switch to (not by choice), I've been missing this feature. … Continue reading Kindle book lending on

Switching my Kindle account from to

I was among the first to order the Kindle 3 as soon as it came out. Because it wasn't available in Germany, I ordered it straight from US with my account, despite having to pay lots of extra fees. The Kindle device was linked to my .com account and, despite some disadvantages like paying … Continue reading Switching my Kindle account from to

Another Kindle book lending club

Iโ€™ve recently discovered another online Kindle book lending club called Lendle. Itโ€™s much better than the previously mentioned Book Lending because it has much more users and most of the books are already lendable so no waiting time. After signing up (using twitter, facebook or registering), the user must mark at least one book which … Continue reading Another Kindle book lending club