Out with the old, in with the new!


I was thinking about selling my Kindle Keyboard 3G for a few months now. I was more convinced than ever when I finally tried the new one my friend got for her birthday a month ago.

I was quite satisfied with my old Kindle before that. It was light, thin and the screen was perfect for reading. I planned to also surf on the internet with it but I soon recognized that it’s not made for that so I used it strictly for reading from then on.

I know I paid a bit too much for this device that I used only for reading books. I ordered it from US back then when it first came out. I chose the one with 3G thinking that I’ll be able to use the internet whenever and where ever I wanted to. I was wrong. The 3G service is enabled in Europe strictly for Wikipedia and buying Kindle books so that was a waste of money. I advised all my friends who wanted to buy a Kindle, to get the one without the 3G.

As I was thinking if I should upgrade my Kindle with the new one, I realized that I didn’t actually need a keyboard. I wasn’t using it that often. It’s not really necessary for reading a book. All I need is to turn the device on, pick a book and page in the book. The keyboard was obviously taking up extra space and weight on the device.

So these were the main reasons why I decided that I should get the new Kindle without the keyboard and 3G.

Furthermore, I tried the paging on the new version of the Kindle and it’s slightly faster that with the older version. This is quite important when the story is so thrilling and full of suspense that I can’t wait to see how it continues. Slow paging is definitely a mood-breaker.

So after the decision was finally made, I had to find a way to sell the old Kindle first. I was afraid to do it on ebay because I paid so much for it and it’s always a risk that the auction will end with a small price. So I placed an ad on the internet instead. I got several replies from people who were interested and I eventually found a nice lady who seemed serious about it. We talked on the phone, agreed on the price and I packed it the same day and shipped it to her.


I mourned the loss of my precious Kindle for a couple of days but, since I didn’t have anything to read with, I soon placed the order and got the new Kindle on the next day.


It’s barely a couple of days since I have it but I’m already falling in love with it. The new Kindle looks much better, it’s considerably smaller and much lighter than the previous version so it’s more comfortable to hold for a longer period of time. It even fits in my smallest bag! It starts up quickly and pages through the book super-fast.

The only thing I miss is the book lending feature, which is not enabled in Europe yet. There’s no news when it’ll happen but I hope it will be soon and then I’ll be completely satisfied and happy!