Even though today is Saturday, the day I like to be lazy and sleep till noon, I got up early to have enough time for my usual morning coffee before heading over to our friends to help them paint their new baby’s room.

Everyone was still sleepy as we arrived to their place but we forgot all about it, as soon as we started moving out furniture and wrapping the floor with foil. When the actual painting started, I left the boys to do all the work. I’ve never painted a room before and didn’t want to mess up the little girl’s room because then she’ll hate me for life.

I went instead to the kitchen to help the soon-to-be-mommy prepare lunch for the group. We had a nice time, just us girls, chatting about this and that so before we even noticed how fast the time passed, the guys finished all the painting and came hungry hoping to get some food.

We started with a very delicious soup. I’m still not sure what kind it actually was but it tasted so good!

Soup with croutons

For the main course we had fried noodles with beef and veggies. It’s pretty difficult to cook Asian food at home. First you need a good wok and then special spicies which you must buy at special stores to make sure that it’ll taste original. This one was pretty fantastic!

Fried noodles

And last but not least we finished with one of the tastiest Hungarian dessert I could ever wish for, Aranygaluska: dumpling balls covered with minced walnuts and served with vanilla sauce.

I remembered then that I’ve had the dumplings before at our Christmas dinner in 2010, but without the sauce. It’s delicious also by itself but it might be a bit too dry. Topping it with the vanilla sauce on the other hand and letting it soak a bit, makes such a delightful dessert that I couldn’t stop eating it!


I will try to get the recipe and post it here but until then I have live with the pictures and my memories of how good it was.