My favorite Xbox games

I’ve never been a big gamer. During my childhood I used the old PC mainly for school (I was studying Computer Science).

But then came the Wii. I loved the idea of actively playing, instead of sitting at the desk in front of the monitor playing with the keyboard. I used it daily for sports and entertainment. We organized Wii parties weekly and all our friends bought one after having so much fun with it at our place.

I then tried the Xbox a couple of years ago at my friends’ house. The UI is much nicer and overall it gave a much better user experience than anything on the market. I still wasn’t fully convinced yet though because I didn’t think of myself as the type who could sit and play for hours using a controller. Plus I could handle Tetris or similar games but I was unexperienced and, honestly said, bad at real games.

When the Kinect was released just before Christmas, Santa brought me the Xbox Kindle Bundle. I was hooked! I haven’t used the Wii since then and eventually I sold it to our local game store.

I started first playing Kinect games but I got tired pretty fast so I then searched for normal games too. I finished Portal 2 with my boyfriend, Splinter Cell Conviction with my brother and I’m down to the last mission in the single-player LA Noire, which I could’ve finished long time ago, if I wouldn’t have tried Alan Wake.

I’ve always been a great fan of thriller and horror movies. This is also reflected in the list of my favorite game selection, as you can see below:

3. L.A. Noire

This game is set in the ‘50s. It’s incredible how well they could reproduce that whole 50’s environment: the buildings, the cars and even the music playing on the radio.

You’re playing the character of a cop fighting bad guys. The main story is very interesting and you can do short side stories along the way.

I have still to finish the last mission in the main story so I’m very curious about the end.

2. Dead Island

Dead Island is the best online multi-player game I’ve tried so far.

It’s different from the other games in a good way. The Xbox games usually have a single-player story and you can play short games (like race from point A to point B in Driver San Francisco or hunt each other down in Call of duty: Black ops) in co-op mode. This is what I don’t like.

I can only play these scary games if I’m in a team with someone. It’s less scary then and easier to complete.

In this game you can choose from 4 characters, each having skills with different weapon types. Your character is immune to the zombies and gets tasks from the survivors on the island. Your main goal is to escape from the island.

1. Alan Wake

In Alan Wake you’re playing a writer who hasn’t written a book since 2 years. He goes on a trip with his wife and suddenly wakes up after a car crash in a nightmare. He’s goal is to rescue his wife but he must fight ghosts along the way.

This game is like a very well done horror movie. The story is so thrilling and the UI is so realistic that, if you would sit back and watch someone play this game, you wouldn’t recognize that you;’re actually watching a game.

I’m at Episode 5 currently so I still have a few of hours of game play but

AiVOkLOCMAArGG1.jpg large

Next to play

I already have Mafia II for Xbox because I’ve heard so many good things about it, too bad it’s a single-player game though, but I’m planning to play it nevertheless.

Another game I’m anxious to try out is another single-player called Red Dead Redemption.

Both of these games are a couple of years old already but they’re exactly my type and that’s what counts.

Last but not least, Microsoft had a marvellous idea to introduce the achievement points. It’s an extra motivation to keep playing!

What’s your favorite game?