Problems after Kindle update

Has anyone else experienced strange behaviors on the Kindle since it was updated a few days ago? I did.

First of all, I noticed that it’s switching itself on automatically. It happened 3 times already.

Then one time I couldn’t turn it off, no matter how many times I slided the button on the bottom of the device. I finally ended up resetting the Kindle by holding the switch-off button for 15 seconds. But since then, the order of the collections is random and not changing to most recent plus also the the books in a collection are not ordered by most recent. Also, the device is not charging when connected to the notebook through the USB.

So what’s going on? Is this because of a bug from the update or should I consider returning the Kindle to Amazon for a closer inspection? The latter would be somewhat problematic since I have to ship it from Germany all the way to the US.

For the moment these are all small issues and I can still read on it but I really didn’t think about the possibility of a broken Kindle when I purchased it. It would be really bad if I would have to send it back to US. Next time I want to buy something from outside Europe, I’ll consider it twice before doing it.