I have been recently using Freeletics more and more and I am becoming addicted to this app and the workouts.

What is Freeletics

Freeletics is an online workout program based on body-weight training and plyometrics. Web version and app available.

You can select between workouts, exercise and running.

The workouts are named after the gods and each workout contains a given number of exercises, reps and rounds that are to be performed in the given order as fast as possible. The workouts are timed and you can gain personal bests for completing the workout fast. Each exercise is shown and explained in videos.

Freeletics includes jumping exercises so make sure you will not disturb your neighbors. Also if you have knee or other type of relevant injuries, make sure you are allowed to do this kind of exercises or adjust the workouts accordingly (do other alternative exercises instead of jumping). You can mark which body groups you would like to avoid during training and your Coach will personalize your training plan accordingly.


Can I do this at home or do I need a gym

You can certainly do FL at home. Some workouts include cardio in form of sprints or exercises that require a pull-up bar. Nevertheless you don’t necessarily need any equipment, you can set the 2×2 mode which will make only exercises available that can be performed in a 2×2 area.

You can also do FL at the gym and in the park.

Additional tools and guides

Some workouts require a pull-up bar.

The Free Training version includes only certain exercises and workouts. You can unlock all workouts and a personalized training plan with the Coach Training for 3, 6 or 12 months.

FL includes also a nutrition guide to get better results in your fitness journey.

Try Freeletics for free!

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