Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

I am on my second round of Ashy’s 28 Booty Challenge and l love it. I started now again to take a break from BBG and mix it up a bit so I won’t get bored. Every workout in the challenge is so different and it definitely doesn’t get boring. This is a good change for me and I am seeing great results in this round as well.

Here is an overview of the ABBC workout program and my impressions of this program.

What is Ashy Bines Booty Challenge?

The Ashy Bines Booty Challenge is a tough 28-day program with resistance training, cardio and rehabilitation targeting legs, hips, thighs and booty.

The guide is split into 4 weeks, each week is described in a separate document with the daily workout routines in detail. Each exercise is explained in the exercise manual with pictures of the movements and videos of the exercises are available online in the member area. ABBC includes also documents for introduction and FAQ to learn about this program and this type of exercise.

A specific workout is scheduled every day for the entire 28 days with alternative workout options, if you are feeling too sore. Each workout lists options for the gym, home or park. You can choose the corresponding workout option depending on the equipment you have at hand.

Resistance training

Each week includes resistance training in the form of weight training (Booty Builder), pilates (Booty Burner) and HIIT workouts (Booty Basher), targeting the legs and booty.

For the Booty Builder weight training sessions you will need barbell (you can use dumbbells  or water bottles), kettlebells, stepper (you can use a chair) and a mat. You can use a Bosu Trainer for extra challenge. A mat (and high resistance for pain ๐Ÿ™‚ ) is all you need for the pilates Booty Burner sessions. The HIIT circuits consist of body-weight training and plyometrics.

I did all the resistance training sessions at home. The HIIT training includes jumping exercises so make sure you will not disturb your neighbors. Also if you have knee or other type of relevant injuries, make sure you are allowed to do this kind of exercises or adjust the workouts accordingly (do other alternative exercises instead of jumping).


The HIIT resistance training sessions include cardio in the form of plyometric movements. Additionally Ashy recommends 60 minutes of FBW or fat burning walks in the form of power walks every day.

I did all the FBW sessions outdoors in the park.


The guide includes yoga (Booty Bender) sessions spread out throughout the 28 days. During these sessions you have a choice from foam rolling or a yoga stretching session. The guide includes the foam rolling and stretching movements. The yoga sessions are available as videos in the member area and on youtube which you can simply just follow along.

Additionally I recommend stretching after each resistance training.


All parts are essential for getting good results in the end. Resistance training builds muscles, cardio and plyometrics torches fat and rehabilitation helps relax the muscles and builds flexibility.

If you perform the 28 days as it is laid out in the guide, you can expect feeling sore most of the time :D, building nice muscles, less cellulite, round booty, toned legs and even slimmer waist and toned abs.

On my first round I toned up pretty well everywhere. Cellulite gone, smaller waist, definitely rounder booty.

Keep in mind that Ashy recommends 1 hour of fat burning walk on top of the daily workout which usually takes me also 1 hour. It is a pretty intense 28 days and you have to commit yourself and make time or adjust it according to your daily schedule. I did the first round exactly like in the guides, now on my second round I sometimes take a rest day and I don’t go on walks because of the bad weather.


Can I do this at home or do I need a gym

You can certainly do ABBC at home. You will need some basic equipment or you can use whatever you have at home. FBW you can do outside. You can also do ABBC at the gym.

When did I start to see changes

The most important advice that I can give you is to not give up, to keep at it, to stay consistent and to complete the entire 28 days. Some days you will see great changes, other days you will see little changes but don’t let this ruin your motivation and everything you have worked for. Fitness is a slow process, it’s a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. Trust the process.

I started seeing results after 2 weeks. I recommend repeating ABBC for 2-3 rounds for great results.

Additional tools and guides

The ABBC includes a clean eating guide, meal plan and recipes to follow your fitness journey with a healthy nutrition and to get better results.