Are you smart enough to work for Google? by William Poundstone

I stumbled upon this book at the airport on my way to my hometown to visit my family and read it from cover to cover on the return flights. I even read while on vacation in my hometown. It was that interesting!

The book describes experiences and interviews of many who applied to Google and other Silicon Valley giants but also to Microsoft in Redmond and other non-techie companies like banks.

The jobs varied, from software engineering to sales, marketing and many other fields. One common for all these job interviews are the surprisingly bizarre interview questions: riddles, puzzles and brain teasers. The author gives many examples of questions and also the common answers with great explanations and even provides the best answer that gives the highest score from the interviewers.

The author describes the hiring process at Google and gives tips and tricks on how to tackle these kinds of interviews and challenging questions.

Regardless if you are looking for a job or not, I highly recommend this book to everyone.