BOSU Balance Trainer and Reebok Deck

For those of us who often work out at home, good equipment is a must. I built up my home gym slowly over the years and I am very proud of it. My tiny workout corner is actually taking over the entire room. 🙂

The latest additions which I bought a few months ago were the BOSU Balance Trainer and the Reebok Deck.

BOSU Balance Trainer


The package includes:

  • BOSU Balance Trainer
  • A pump
  • Instruction manual

We set up the Bosu very fast, it’s simply unpacking and pumping air into the dome until it reaches max. 25 cm and it was good to go.


The bad:

  • The pump is very low quality and it broke within the first minute of using it.
  • The Bosu has a really bad plastic smell. The entire room was stinking in the first few weeks.
  • I am not using it as often as I planned and hoped to, mainly because I don’t know what exercises I should do.

The good:

  • The instruction manual contains a 10-minute workout. Additional workouts are on the official Bosu website and on their YouTube channel.
  • It’s challenging to say the least. Simply standing on it with both legs or, if you manage at all, on only one leg requires a lot of balance and engages muscles that I didn’t even know I have.

Reebok deck

I also decided to order a new stepper and after several failed attempts for UPS to deliver it and an official complaint, the package finally reached its destination to me.

I had a basic stepper from Reebok and I’ve been using it for a few years already. It’s great but recently my mom decided that she want one too so I agreed to give her my old one and to buy this professional deck for myself.

The package includes:

  • Deck
  • Resistance band
  • DVD

The bad:

  • This deck is not as wide as my previous stepper. It doesn’t feel as stable either.

The good:

  • It’s also an adjustable bench.
  • The highest setup of the deck is much higher than a normal stepper set to its highest.
  • The deck has a section where smaller gym equipment can be stored.


I am very happy with my latest purchases. I use the Reebok deck often and I plan to incorporate the BOSU into my workouts more.