Delicious trout and cloudy mountains

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently in my hometown visiting my family and enjoying some vacation time.

We usually go on some road trips every time I visit and this visit was no exception.

Eating trout at the Halászcsárda in Vármező

We drove for one hour last week on Friday evening to have some trout for dinner. This place is the best in the area. The restaurant grows their own trout, you can fish directly in their lake and take the fish home, or you can eat fresh trout out of the lake prepared at the restaurant.

I ordered double for everyone, as I usually do since it’s better to have too much than too little and end up staying hungry, and we managed to eat up everything. I had grilled trout with boiled potato, mixed salad and some garlic sauce with sour cream. It was delicious!

I skipped dessert because I knew that this yummy cremeschnitte was waiting for me at home. 🙂



We planned an all-day road trip for Saturday. The weather was pretty bad whole week, rainy and cloudy so I was a bit worried that we will end up soaked by rain. We were lucky that the weather cleared exactly on Saturday and we were happy to be on our way.

We picked an unlucky route that took us on the worst possible roads so we drove for 3 hours to the bottom of the mountain to get to our first destination, the Transfãgãrãșan highway. As we arrived to Transfãgãrãșan, we were very disappointed to see that the mountain was in the clouds. We were hoping that it will be more clear as we go to the top but the clouds got more and more thick as we went higher.

We decided to have lunch on the top of the mountain at Bâlea Lake hoping that by the time we finish our food the clouds will clear and we can enjoy the beauty of the mountain and of the Transfãgãrãșan road. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky and the clouds stayed for the entire day. I managed to snap a few half cloudy pictures of the lake in the 3 minute window when the clouds shortly disappeared. We did not get to see the highlight which is the amazing Transfãgãrãșan roads from above, because of the clouds.

We checked the market at Bâlea Lake where the peasants come to sell homemade cheese, sausages and many other delicacies. We ended up buying some for breakfast for the next day.

We continued our journey to Sibiu where we checked the book market on the main square and took a stroll in the beautiful old town. We planned to have some chimney cake (Kürtőskalács) but unfortunately they were just preparing it and we would have had to wait too long till it was done.

We hurried back to my hometown to catch our usual favorite place where they sell chimney cake before it closed. We bought two! 🙂