Fitness in the park

I am in my hometown this week visiting family and relaxing, simply enjoying some vacation time.

I have of course my workouts scheduled and I get them done even on vacation. Today is cardio day and I decided to head to one of the city parks. My brother joined me with our puppy so we had a family cardio session. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

We actually had to drive there because it is on the top of a huge hill in the middle of the city overlooking the city center. So beautiful! โค๏ธ

We started with a walk together, the puppy was running around happily because she doesn’t get a chance to be in such a big park so often and I was getting warmed up for my cardio.

I love how active my hometown is becoming. Gyms are popping up at every corner, people are riding by bike everywhere and so many are going out for a run.

People used to be ashamed to do this. You would be laughed at for biking or walking somewhere because people would think that you don’t have money and everybody here believes that cars are cool and you need to have one and drive everywhere. But everybody is now slowly shifting towards a more active life and this makes me so happy.

The city is fully supporting this movement. This city park was upgraded with an outdoor gym where both young and old are working out. Trails have been set up all around this park. The park is currently being renovated and new outdoor sport possibilities are being built as we speak.

I parked my brother and the puppy on a bench and moved to the jogging trail for a slow jog to prepare for my next city run in October. The trail is about 1 km long and I did 5 rounds, switching between running and power walking. A lot of fellow runners, joggers and walkers were on the trail as well. 

My last round was a cooldown power walk where I really enjoyed the nature, the forrest, the sun, the quiet time and the gorgeous weather. 

I brought running leggings and t-shirt with me and I had left sports shoes last time I was here for when I visit and I want to work out but I actually had to borrow this hoodie from my brother because it was still a bit chilly at that early morning time. The jog warmed me up alright and I was really over-heating at the end of the jog.

I finished with one more round of slow walk with my brother and puppy.

Afterwards ee headed home for some breakfast and we’re relaxing now on the couch, both me and the puppy are so exhausted! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I am really looking forward to more cardio sessions at the park this week. I loved it so much! ๐Ÿ‘