I love frozen yogurt. I often go to the froyo shop during the summer to treat myself to some soft serve frozen yogurt. I usually top it with fresh fruits. I love the shop where I can prepare my own froyo.

Now that autumn is coming I will be going less to the froyo shop but I would however like some froyo at home from time to time.

I saw these ads at the cinema about the Mรถvenpick froyo and I was super excited to try some at the airport on Wednesday evening as I was waiting to board the plane.

First impression was that it was really really frozen. I had to leave it to thaw for about 5 minutes otherwise I would’ve broken the plastic spoon.

I picked the caramel almond flavor and I topped the froyo with these almonds covered with caramel.

Final verdict: yummy! I’m not sure if it’s healthier than the usual ice cream. This froyo is pretty high in sugar but low in fat and carbs. I love that it’s a small portion and it’s exactly enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

150 ml per portion
Calories: 163
Fat: 5,1g
Saturated fat: 1,9g
Carbs: 25,4g
Sugar: 20,9g
Protein: 3,8g

I will definitely buy some to have once in awhile at home.