Marvelous In My Monday #5 – Three Things


Hello and welcome to Marvelous In My Monday!
I am doing three things Monday today so here we go.

New workout equipment

My new heavier dumbbells and my first kettle bell was delivered on Saturday. I already got to use the dumbbells on Sunday afternoon when I completed the full body resistance training and I definitely felt the challenge from moving from 2 x 1 kg to 2 x 3 kg.

I picked the 8 kg kettlebell after reading on many websites that this should be the starter weight for active women. It’s quite heavy but I hope I picked the right size. I will read and watch some training videos on how to use a kettlebell before I include it in my workout routine. I’m thinking to use it for warm-up before the BBG resistance training but also for special kettlebell workouts. There are so many effective exercises with a kettlebell that I am looking forward to try.

Weekend adventures

I ordered groceries online on Friday and they were delivered on Saturday at noon. I love this new delivery service and the fact that I can avoid the big crowd in the stores on weekends and having to carry heavy bags and boxes with drinks. Instead I get to spend this time relaxing and enjoying the weekend.

I watched The Vampire Diaries whole weekend but I wasn’t completely lazy as the picture with the lazy cat might suggest. 🙂

I was preparing breakfast, cooking lunch and dinner every day. I did the laundry and I went for a long walk on Saturday to get my two remaining LISS sessions in, the sun was shining and it felt warmer than the estimated minus degrees. The park was full with people enjoying the weather and I loved it!

Home cooked meals

I ordered fresh basil from the online super market and I was totally in the mood for some pesto. I prepared pasta with pesto alla genovese topped with grated parmigiano reggiano, veal escalope and salad for the Saturday dinner.

I woke up early on Sunday so I baked fresh butter croissants for breakfast and cooked the most delicious chicken soup ever using the back and breasts with bones and skin from a corn-fed chicken. I will definitely buy the corn-fed chicken more often, it tastes so good.

I roasted the legs, wings and breasts for dinner with some salad and fresh bread that my bf brought home from his walk to the city. Dessert was raspberry cheesecake from Starbucks, my favorite! 😀

I’m also enjoying lots of fruits recently which I wasn’t eating so often before. I love mango (I finally learned how to cut a mango) and I started to eat a whole grapefruit instead of juicing it to get the full benefit of the flesh and fiber.

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  1. Wow…this is the second blog post I’ve read today at lunch…and they are both making me even more hungry than I already was!

    Great to hear you have gotten yourself some more equipment…and keep up the great work with your cooking…


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