Online storage services

With the new digital era comes the very important question: where to backup and store our documents, videos and pictures. The question is not whether we should backup online, because we all know that we have to. Computers, phones, tablets, external hard drives get broken and we might end up losing all our important documents and precious family photos.

Here are the online storage services that I use and recommend:

I’ve been using OneDrive for years now and I am very happy with this service. I store my travel pictures, private documents and OneNote files here. Folders can be public or private and folders can be shared. OneDrive has apps for smartphones and tablets so you can browse through all your files and you can also edit your documents, if you have Office installed on your phone or tablet.

OneDrive offers 15 Gb for free and you can get free storage bonus for referrals, loyalty, backing up your camera roll and so on. I wish OneDrive would offer more free storage space but you can buy more storage for a small monthly fee though, the fee is cheaper than a Starbucks Latte. 😉

You can join OneDrive by clicking on this link. (Disclaimer: For each friend who signs in to OneDrive as a new customer using this link, both I and this friend will receive an extra 0.5 GB of free storage (max. 5 GB).)

Another service that I sometimes use is Flickr for pictures that I want to share publicly. Flickr offers 1 Tb which is awesome but it has some limitations, like you can’t set an album or collection to private, the privacy can be set to individual photos which is very troublesome (although this can be done in a batch). Flickr is more of a social storage service: you can have friends, be part of groups and like other people’s photos.

Other cloud storage services that I sometimes use are Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive.

Which services do you use and recommend?