Day 4 in San Francisco

After sleeping a bit better last night (the closer I get to flying back, the less jetlagged I am) I woke up at 6 am and I was at 7:30 am at Moscone Center for the Build conference.

Breakfast was better today, I had a delicious bagel with cream cheese. I looove bagels!

Day 2 keynote unveiled lots of surprises again, this time focusing on the cloud. There were lots of great sessions today again and it was difficult to choose but I picked really good ones. I hope the other sessions will be online, I will have to watch thrm too! So much great content, so many awesome speakers!

I saw where the future of .Net is heading and I am so excited about what I have seen so far. Also I checked the tools in Visual Studio 2013 for DirectX graphics development and learned quite a lot even if I am a C# dev but it looks like C++ has also a lot to offer especially in this area. Last but not least I took the intro session on how to get mobile with C# and Xamarin. The Xamarin session was moved to the big ballroom due to high demand, developers are definitely liking it a lot, me included!

Microsoft organized an amazing party for all the Build attendies at the AMC cinema across the Moscone Center after the session were over for the day.

We had the whole cinema to ourselves, and after some finger food, like mini burgers, we quickly grabbed popcorn and headed to the special early preview of Captain America: The Winter Warrior. Multiple movie theathers screened the preview in 2D and 3D and live Xbox gaming sessions were set up in the foyer and also in 8 other movie theathers.

The atmosphere was so awesome! I joined the Titanfall audience as six guys were playing the game in the front and the whole game was projected on the big screen. There was also Forza, Fifa 2014, Battlefield, Ryse and lots more.

Microsoft really knows how to keep deva happy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Btw, if you are planning to visit San Francisco I highly recommend you to get a North Face jacket. It seems to be very trendy here, everybody is wearing one. Not sure why though, perhaps it has to do with Mark Zuckerberg wearing a North Face fleece jacket as he started Facebook? No idea.

But I happened to buy one a few months ago and I am wearing it here and I blend in here quite well, I apparently look like a local since I was asked yesterday for directions. ๐Ÿ™‚

I took a lot of notes today during the keynote and the sessions as well but it’s all coming in a blog post later. Tomorrow is the third and last day at the conference and we have some cool plans afterwards so till then I wish you good night!