Day 5 in San Francisco

Good morning!

Yesterday was a pretty full day packed with a bunch of things to do.

I woke up 30 minutes later than on the previous two days. The conference started at 9 am and after arriving at 8 am to Moscone Center and having a small breakfast I headed straight to the first session, The Future Of C#.

I was 30 minutes earlier but the room was already almost full and after the session I found out that also the overflow room was full. This session was definitely one of the best on the third and final day at the conference. There are quite a lot of plans for C# and this year its future is looking brighter than ever compared to what the rumors last year were that C# is dead.

The next session I saw was Cutting Edge Graphics In HTML and it turned out pretty good although the content was a bit different than what I expected. Babylon.js looks pretty nice!

I went to the Microsoft Store in the lunch break to use my $500 gift card which I got at the conference and after looking at all the gadgets, from phones to tablets to 2-in-1 notebooks I decided to get the Nokia Icon in black. The Icon comes in black and white (pity that they don’t have more colors available) and I wanted white but they had none on stock.

I ended up waiting 30-45 minutes in the line to pay because so many Build attendies were there to use their gift cards too so I missed the session after lunch. I will definitely have to watch it online.

For the last session at the conference I chose the Animations in Windows Phone XAML Apps and this was also a bit different than what I expected. They showed a new animations library which is being built now for Windows Phone apps in XAML but unfortunately not how we can build our own.

And with that the conference ended, I stayed at Channel 9 in the lobby for a bit longer and listened to a talk about Cortana but as the Wifi was switched off I headed to the Market street for a shopping spree. I now know all the stores and shopping malls like the back of my hand!

The big plan for the evening was to go to the NBA game in Oakland so we took the Bart and after a small detour because we got on the wrong one we managed to get to the Oracle Arena where the Warriors won against the Sacramento Kings.

The game was good, we had really good seats in the front close to the court but a little out of balance since the Warriors were with 50 point in front for most of the game and I definitely liked the entire show.

By the time I got back to the hotel it was already midnight (hence I am writing the post this morning).

It was an awesome Build conference and an amazing few days here in San Francisco but the trip is slowly coming to the end as I am flying back tonight. I will spend this day at Fisherman’s Wharf taking one last walk and going to the Aquarium.

This was my second time at Build and in San Francisco and I hope I will have the opportunity to come to the conference and also visit this city soon!