Day 3 in San Francisco

I am finally starting to get used to the new timezone and handling the jetlag better. I slept much better last night and woke up at a more normal time in the morning at around 6:30 am.

The weather was today much better than the last few days, warm and sunny, even though I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it since I was at a conference whole day.

Today was day one at the Build conference so we left from the hotel at 7 am and took the F tram to Moscone Center. We arrived at 7:30 am and after a small breakfast, a muffin and a boiled egg, we headed to the keynote.

Lots of cool things have been announced and showed at the keynote. Lunch was served at 11:30 am but the hall was so full that I took my lunch bag and had my lunch at the entrance. We got a burrito which I had only half and a beans salad which I didn’t eat and a cookie.

The first session I picked was the one with Scott Hanselman, he’s a great speaker and I love web development. I went to stay in line 30 minutes before the session started. After waiting in the huge line for 30 minutes as the session was about to start we were told that the room was already full since more than half an hour. Bad organization, I would say.

All other good sessions were full too at that timeslot so I went to Building Games With Windows which was basically a quick intro for this topic. The session Tips & Tricks with Visual Studio 2013 with Cathy Sullivan was great and I learned a few new things. High Performance D2D Graphics was on the other hand disappointing having the same content just like last year.

I visited the partner booths in the breaks and also at the welcome reception after the sessions were over.

The conference attendies got an Xbox One and a $500 voucher for the Microsoft Store. I am considering to get a Windows Phone 8 using the voucher so we headed to the store after the welcome reception and it was so full with conference attendies searching for gadgets to cash in their vouchers that although a pretty cool party was organized with DJs, drinks and figer food we decided to skip it for tonightand go perhaps tomorrow instead. I will probably check the store online too before deciding finally what to buy.

I took lots of notes during the keynote and the sessions but that’s going to be another blog post. Till then I leave you with the Day 1 Keynote Video and Summary

Tomorrow the conference continues so I need now my beauty sleep. Good night!