Bums-tums-and-legs training plan

I would like to share with you the training plan that I am currently doing at the gym, put together by my trainer.


  • Fat and weight loss with minimal muscle mass gain
  • Lean out by doing high reps with low weights
  • Targets the trouble areas bums-tums-and-legs

Duration: 8 weeks
Frequency: 2 x week

Training plan


  • 10 minutes cardio (elliptical, stationary bike, treadmill)

Workout: ~ 30 minutes


  • 20-30 minutes steady-state or HIIT cardio (elliptical, stationary bike, treadmill)


  • Stretching


I thought it was unusual that I am doing the same set of exercises twice a week for 8 weeks but we’re going to review it and switch it up afterwards so that my muscles don’t get used to the same movements.

This is not a split-training where each muscle group is targeted one day per week and requires 4-5 session per week but it’s a full-body workout plan where most of the muscle groups are targeted with each workout and can be done 2-3 times per week.

I am adding weekly swimming, pilates and yoga classes too.

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