First workweek of the year

Monday was a holiday and I started the workweek and the work-year on Tuesday by having troubles waking up when the alarm went off. This happened actually every day this week but I am hoping that it will get better starting from next week when I get back into my normal routine again.

I’ve actually made the mistake during these 2.5 weeks vacation to stay up too late, even after midnight, and waking up also late, sometimes around noon. Well, I am definitely feeling the effects now when I have to go to bed early to get up early in the morning but I can’t fall asleep till late in the night and because of this I am too tired in the morning. It’s like a vicious cycle!


Work has been great, I am happy to be back coding again since I didn’t have so much time during the vacation, even though I have made plans to read the technical books I’ve bought weeks ago and to do some programming too but I never got to actually do it. Boo!

I’ve found unfortunately little time to start preparing for the next MCPD exam this week but I am hoping that I will catch up on it this weekend.


I am still doing theย Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Boot Camp, it has become my first-thing-in-the-morning habit and most of the times I am not even awake yet but I am already squatting and doing the push-ups. This has the advantage that I don’t feel the pain in that state yet. The number of reps are increased daily and to my surprise I have sore muscles every day even from such short exercises. I can still handle 2 sets even though I am doing twice as much reps after 10 days but I have to increase the sets to 3 starting from next week and also the reps count is going constantly up so it’s going to be interesting.

I’ve been to the gym several times this week and this is something I want to continue in the next weeks and months. I have finally figured out how to use all the weight lifting machines and I love it so much, not only the weight lifting part but also the whole chip card showing/saving all my exercises.


For cardio I’ve been doing the 5K training plan on the treadmill and it’s much more fun than steady-state running which was incredibly boring for me. I’ve been doing some elliptical too and increased the difficulty level so it’s not too easy.



I have to check in on the touch screen using the chip card when I start working out, the exercises are stored on the chip card on each machine and then transferred to the main system when I check out with the card. After every workout, the touch screen displays the total distance of all my cardio workouts and calories burnt. How cool is that?




I’ve changed my initial workout plan for this week to integrate a pilates and a yoga class too since it’s been pretty difficult to do weight lifting with a headache and I want to switch it up a little so I don’t get bored. Unfortunately I hurt my neck during pilates on Thursday and it was better on the next day but I was afraid that I would make it worse with yoga so I decided to weight lift instead. Neck was not the only place I got injured though, weight lifting gave me this little scar. No pain no gain, right?



I have been fighting with a headache this week, it’s probably because of all the bad food I had during my vacation and now that I started eating clean, I am feeling the effects. Eating has been good this week, mostly clean, but I overdid it once or twice when it was just too delicious to throw away what was left. Still working on getting that under control…

My one biggest cheat meal this week was a McWrap and chicken sticks at McDonald’s for lunch at work and I only went there because my pregnant BFF colleague was craving for it. She had a BigMac with fries and we were both completely shocked to see that both my and her meals had the same calories. 800 calories for a McWrap and 2 chicken sticks? Are you kidding me?



I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy season 9 but I am not as addicted to it as I was before. Every season ends with a big catastrophe and the next season starts with how the characters are coping and recovering from it. I didn’t like this part in any of the seasons but season 9 is especially depressing!

I’m also watching Gossip Girl season 5 but it’s not as interesting as the first few seasons have been. I do love seeing New York though!

Oh wow this post has gotten way longer than I planned it (Has anybody even read this far?) and I could still keep going but I think it’s better if I stop now.

I wish you a nice relaxing weekend!