Merry Christmas

We live on the 9th floor and, like on all holidays, the lift gets broken so I spent Christmas morning in my PJs watching Garfield and playing Candy Crush.

The rest of the day was no different, we spent it playing Candy Crush or, when we were out of lives, on the Xbox and watching xmas movies. Both me and my brother are stuck at level 30 since 2 days already and we can’t get passed it. Either we are too stupid or this game is rigged. I even convinced my mom to try Candy Crush on her Android phone because the game is unfortunately not on Windows 8 tablets yet and got her addicted too.

The weather has been so nice these last few days, the sun is shining and the forecast predicted even +12 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless I wish it would’ve snowed, I love white Christmas!

Romanian sarmale, stuffed cabbage rolls, are our family Christmas tradition and we enjoyed it this year as well. Yum!


We spent the evening singing karaoke on the Xbox till we lost our voice.


Next morning was the same as the previous: watching xmas movies and playing Candy Crush. I managed to beat the level 30 and I am now fighting with level 31.

We went to the spa, as planned, but it was over capacity, although I expected it to be empty since not many people go to the spa on Christmas days. I was really looking forward to swimming and was so disappointed, especially also because my nutrition had been a bit off now with the holidays and I knew that I have to do some exercise.

We decided to go snooping around in the nearby Selgros a bit and ended up shopping till we all dropped, we spent over 3 hours there. After coming home, unpacking and enjoying another plate of the delicious Romanian sarmale, I crashed on the couch ready to take on another level of Candy Crush while watching more xmas movies.

Splinter Cell Blacklist is planned for the evening, we finally got the hang of it, me and my brother are playing like a good team and we’re completing the missions fast. I might even have a chance to finish the entire game till Sunday.

How are you spending Christmas?

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