I finished yesterday afternoon level 35 in Candy Crush and now that I am finally on a roll, I have to either pay or complete 3 challenges (only one challenge / 24 hours allowed) to unlock the next episodes/levels. Boo!

We continued Splinter Cell Blacklist in the evening and tried a solo mission as well. It is way awesome and much much better than the coop ones, although those are getting better too.

I had a few glasses of Coke Zero last night and couldn’t fall asleep. Now I remember one of the main reasons I don’t drink it anymore.

I woke up tired this morning but I prepared a todo list so I started with the first one, to update the notebook to Windows 8.1 and install Office 2013. It took me 4 hours but I finished without any problems. Three down, 0 left. My job here is done!

While Win 8.1 was being configured, I changed into my workout gear and hopped on my mom’s stationary bike while watching a movie on HBO. It’s really cool to have a home gym, I can spontaneously just train whenever I feel like it. I ended up doing 15 km in half an hour HIIT and my muscles are so sore that I couldn’t get off the bike.


We planned to go to the cinema in the afternoon but we noticed that they changed the schedule as we got there and the movie we wanted to watch Delivery Man was late in the evening. So instead we drove to the inner city for a walk and I even managed to buy new winter shoes and this awesome Hungarian Cookbook by Gundel. I’ve been searching for this for months!


I have a confession to make: we went to McDonalds for a quick snack and I had a McChicken with big fries. That’s 1000 calories right there and since I usually don’t eat fast food, I ended up feeling really sick afterwards. I had to get some air to recover and we enjoyed another nice walk in the city, this time in the dark with all the xmas lights on.



Workout today: stationary bike – 30 minutes 15 km interval training