Road trip

It’s my last day visiting the family and we decided that instead of spending it at home being sad about me leaving tomorrow, we should just take a road trip to Sovata/Szováta.

We walked around the Bear Lake, which is a salty lake and to my surprise it is frozen now.


We also walked around the resort and discovered this funny shoe store called Al Bundy. The No Ma’am sign is hilarious!


We were pretty hungry and decided to have a Hungarian Kürtös Kalács again as a small snack! It is so yummy!


This area is so beautiful, even during winter, and a lot of people were out on a walk enjoying the surprisingly warm weather.



That walk really built up our appetite so we drove to Câmpia Cetãții/Vármező for some delicious grilled fish. I got a “small” one!


I loved this beautiful sunset on our way home.


Tomorrow is a long travel day again so I am just relaxing and watching movies tonight. We might even play a mission or two on Splinter Cell Blacklist.