The “perks” of flying in the winter

When I wrote today that a long journey awaits me today, I wasn’t kidding. Even I haven’t realized what it really meant because we drove this morning 2 hours and 100 km to the airport only to find out that the plane couldn’t land because of the fog and it had to fly to the next nearby airport, another 100 km away.

I waited for an hour to see how they will rebook me but eventually called Lufthansa directly, only to discover that there is no place on any of the flights today or tomorrow at this or any of the nearby airports. Also the days after that there are no flights at all because of New Year’s Eve so I had absolutely to way to fly out at least till 2nd of January.

What first annoys me is that they knew about the fog upfront and the plane took off anyhow, only to circle around our airport for 30 minutes and then fly somewhere else.

The next thing that annoyed me was that this was the only flight which was cancelled at this and all other nearby airports due to fog. They knew that after 15 o’clock the fog will clear up. All other flights were delayed for 1-2 hours so they could arrive and land after the fog cleared. It was only a matter of 1 hour, it would’ve been just fine if they would’ve delayed the flight towards us with one hour. But in that case I would’ve lost my connecting flight because I had only 40 minutes to catch it. It was a lose-lose situation for me anyhow.

So with all this mess, I did the next possible thing: I cancelled the return flight and drove back 2 hours and 100 km to my home town in order to prepare for my brother to drive me.

15 hours drive awaits us. Wish us good luck!