Almost dodged the bullet

I am fighting with the same dilemma every evening: what to have for dinner.

We’re running out of groceries because we didn’t shop much this week as we’re heading to the mountains on Friday and I hate to waste food so there is not much food at home right now.

We often go out for dinner but tomorrow we have to be early at work so I need to go to sleep early to be able to wake up early.

The last option is to order food, which we do unfortunately often recently, and this is the tricky part.

I usually order the same Caesar Salad from the same place everytime but I had it so often this last few weeks that I can’t even look at it anymore.

I checked the menu online at other places and I was very tempted to order something unhealthy. I really love burgers and fries and indian curries and thai curries and and all kinds of mexican dishes and… I could go on and on here.

I eventually decided for a delicious chicken salad with avocado which I already had several times.


My bf got burger with fries and guess who ended up eating all the fries? I was so close, I almost managed to not have any crap food but fries are my worst weakness! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Now I need to rest. I guess I won’t be packing tonight after all…