Yesterday’s plan to have a healthy dinner failed. Unless you count fries as healthy. No? Well. Ok then.

Yesterday’s plan to pack for the trip failed. I got lazy after dinner and started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I only wanted to watch one or two episodes but I ended up staying up till midnight to finish season 7.

Yesterday’s plan to go to sleep early failed. Grey’s Anatomy. Enough said.

But like on every morning, I wake up with a new plan in mind and I am completely sure that this will be the day when everything will go smoothly.

Today started out great. My sports stuff was packed already last night, I managed to get up early and go to work on time-ish, if I don’t count the train being late yet again and making me be late as well, but then everybody at work scared me that there is a big snowstorm coming our way. The weather forecast was not reassuring either, giving warnings everywhere. Most of my colleagues took tomorrow off or scheduled to work from home which made me think that this is probably going to be really bad.

So I postponed my appointment at the gym to next week and I now feel really bad about it. I was looking forward to doing the fitness check, trying the machines and starting finally the training plan. But it’s not going to happen for one more week! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

This just goes to show that I should stop planning and just go with the flow, which I will do this weekend and let’s see how it goes.

Oh and by the way, there is no sign of any snowstorm yet.