Bad cheat day

Have I mentioned how much I love the new gym? Well, I really really do.

On Friday I went for a yoga class and afterwards to the wellness area to try the sauna and also the relax area. It was incredible! I felt like a completely new person!

I had a really good week workout and nutrition-wise, that is up until yesterday.

It’s Sunday, measurement day, and I am not excited at all because I ended up having a awfully bad cheat day yesterday.

The morning started out so well with fresh juice and coffee for breakfast and scrambled eggs for lunch but I was home alone in the afternoon and that is when the binging usually starts.

I had a whole bag of unhealthy sweets which I usually keep hidden (out of sight out of mind, right?), two big sandwiches and an extremely spicy Laab Gai salad with sticky rice from my favorite thai in the evening. I ruined all the work I did this week, needless to say that my weight went up and my motivation went down!

On the plus side, body fat went down by 1% and the muscle increased by 1% so I am doing something right. I think these weight trainings are really helping and I hope my progress will continue.

Today I had a running workout scheduled but I am afraid that I have to skip it because I don’t feel so well from all the crap I ate yesterday.

I read this saying this morning and thought how well it fits me right now. It would feel so much better being outside running right now rather than sitting inside thinking about it.


Today’s Get Up And Code podcast episode fits perfectly as well.


This is definitely one lesson I learned the hard way but I won’t let one bad day bring me down! I will use this day to recover and tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities!

I am meeting with friends for brunch later today and I will be extra careful not to overeat. We’re going also to the Christmas market and then to the cinema to watch Catching Fire.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!