First day at the gym

I woke up today to the beautiful snow outside for the first time this season, but enjoyed it only shortly until I went outside. It was so cold and the streets were icy and not cleaned so I almost fell a few times but managed to catch my balance at the last minute luckily.

I headed to the gym after work. The first day at a new gym felt like the first day at the school as I was small. I am the new kid, I don’t know anybody and I don’t know the gym so well. I want to seem cool but I end up acting like a dork and become one of the unpopular kids.

Talking about being a dork, I wanted to go to the ladies room but accidentally ended up trying to open the locked door to the childcare area in front of 10 other girls including the trainer who then pointed out my mistake. She had good intentions and tried to help me but everybody looked at me so it was pretty embarrassing.

Anyways it turns out that I can’t use the weight machines yet, I had to schedule an instructions course first and that will be next Thursday. That is also when I will get a full fitness check and we’ll set up a training plan for me which will be saved on my card.

The gym has TRUE Fitness cardio machines, Switching by TECA and Techno Gym weight training machines and they are all really cool. I can’t wait to start training with them.

So since I have to wait till next week for the machines, for today I changed my plan to 20 minutes treadmill running as warmup and a weight training course called FatBurn Barbell Training. The name of the course sounds scary enough but it is not describing it completely. It was 5 times as hard as I expected but perhaps it’s me, that I am not in as good a shape as I thought.

We started with some warmup moves for a few minutes and then did planks, mountain climbers, bicep curls, bent over barbell rows, tricep dips, lunges, squats, side planks, situps, crunches and more crunches and so on and so on.

The trainer was super friendly and introduced herself to me at the beginning, which was very unexpected as this doesn’t happen at the other gyms I went to. During the class she corrected me several times and was super excited that my muscles were shaking. I was not.

Needless to say that I am now super sore. I can’t even raise my arms or hold a cup. Hopefully I will feel better for swimming tomorrow.

In other news I have to clean up my nutrition, I let myself go a bit and I am heading down the slippery slope. I am not hitting my macros and calories because I end up having too much carbs most of the days. I definitely need to increase my protein intake and cut out the processed carbs.