New gym

On Monday I was fighting the muscle soreness after the swimming session on Sunday so I ended up not doing any sports on that day at all. I did manage to keep my nutrition healthy and clean so I get a plus point for that, right?

The alarm woke me up early on Tuesday for my scheduled run but I slept so bad that night and on the previous night that I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep for one more hour. I had to eventually postpone the run completely because it is getting dark so early that by the time I get home from work it’s too late for a run and I don’t feel comfortable running in the park in the dark, it’s just too creepy.

On Wednesday I went to the trial session at the new gym and did 20 minutes on the treadmill and one hour of the strength training class called Total Body Style. The fitness area and the class was not crowded at all, which was nice compared to the other gyms I used to go to.

This is a girls-only gym and I really love it. It’s huge compared to the one I went before, it’s on three floors with the fitness area on the 1st floor, two class rooms with Power Plate and indoor cycling on the 2nd floor and a huge dressing room with shower and wellness on the 3rd floor.

The fitness area is well equipped with all kinds of advanced machines, each with touch screen. The machines support a personal training plan which can be configured and then used on the machines with a card that each member gets when signing up.

The staff is very friendly and patient, they took the time to talk to me several times. I asked for more time to make a decision and they gave me all the information on paper and told me to think it over, perhaps even come back for another trial session, if I want to try out other things too.

They also told me that I don’t need to lose weight, that I look awesome and that they recommend me to do weight training to tighten up the trouble areas. It’s definitely the first time that I hear somebody at a gym tell me this because most of the gyms recommend just doing a bunch of cardio instead but although cardio burns fat, it also burns the muscles. The less muscles, the slower the metabolism gets and the more the calorie intake must be reduced to maintain/lose weight.

Yesterday I went swimming again and I am loving my Garmin Swim more and more. I even improved my personal best 1 km with 1m:16s.

I have scheduled three runs per week but thsi week I kept postponing them, so Friday till Sunday are supposed to be running days.

Today is Friday and I scheduled another trial session at the new gym because I was undecided which contract options to book, weather I should take the classes too, or only the gym area. They have Power Plate as well but I think I am more into classes and weight training, although I never tried Power Plate so I can’t say for sure that I won’t like it.

I tried the Intensive Yoga today and it was intense. My muscles were shaking and I was completely exhausted by the time it was over. I did not have the energy to do my first weekly run so I guess I will have to be happy if I manage the other two this weekend.

I had another nice chat with a girl from the staff at the gym and she gave me the big tour of the gym, including the wellness area with awesome sauna and a cool relaxing area, and I even got to try out an awesome massage bed which made my sore muscles so much better.

At the end I was still as undecided as when I arrived for the second trial session (mainly because this gym is pretty expensive and I don’t take signing a contract for 1-2 years lightly) but I am sure that I like this gym and that I would like to join. Now it’s only a matter to figure out small details like which options to choose and then the fun can begin!