The good, the bad and the ugly

If I have to choose the worst run during these (so far) 12 weeks of the C25K it would be the one today.

I struggled getting up this morning when the alarm went off and even sat for 5 minutes on the bed trying to come up with valid excuses not to go running. I told myself it wouldn’t be so bad to skip one training or to postpone it till tomorrow and instead just go back to the warm comfortable bed and sleep for another hour.

But I didn’t. I thought about how far I’ve come in these 12 weeks and that I invested all this time so I shouldn’t mess it up. It only takes one moment of weakness and it could all be for nothing. That is what happened the last time I did the C25K and I ended up quitting after 5 weeks, all because I skipped one workout and then got too comfortable and stopped completely.

A strong coffee later with my running gear on, I set out on a warm up walk followed by the most difficult 20 minutes run I have ever had. I was so glad when the cool down started because I knew that in a few minutes I will be done with it.

There are good days and there are bad days also in running. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right, the mood is wrong, the breathing is off and the muscles hurt but then there are these really good runs when everything is exactly right and the run goes smoothly without even the slightest effort. So like with everything else in life, we just have to struggle through the bad and the ugly to get to enjoy some of the good too.