#VS2013Launch summary

  • Continuous regular updates: Update 4 for Visual Studio 2012 released today http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2872520 

  • Developers are moving to the cloud: don’t need to worry about infrastructure, easier way to get started 

  • Developers are making everything happen 

  • The world of software developers is better than ever before 

Microsoft Cloud OS: unified platform 

  • People-centric IT: enable secure access to data and application no matter of the device 

  • The data generated is increasing exponentially 

  • Transform the data center: infrastructure is no longer a bottleneck 

  • Build modern applications: Visual Studio and .Net come into play, integrated end-to-end development environment for cloud, devices 

  • Official launch of Visual Studio 2013 and .Net 4.5.1 announced 

New tools in Visual Studio 2013 

Cloud Development = Windows Azure + Visual Studio => Better together 

  • Azure deployed in data centers around the world 

    • Data center location can be selected 

  • MSDN free credits for Azure, part of the MSDN subscription 

    • $50/Professional 

    • $100/Premium 

    • $150/Ultimate 

  • Easy to spin off and start using Visual Studio 2013 in Windows Azure 

  • Secure private networking capability inside Windows Azure in which only your machines can join and no one outside has access to this private network 

Web development 

  • Commitment to open source: Web essentials, ASP.NET 

  • Commitment to “One ASP.NET” 

  • Nuget: open source packet management system 

  • Shipping Bootstrap 

  • Multiple Emulators included 

  • Multiple browsers set as default inside Visual Studio: all default browsers launched simultaneously 

  • CSS-Editor: browser support on hover 

  • Real-time communication: Hosting SignalR inside visual Studio: visual Studio knows which browsers are connected to Visual Studio, pushing the Refresh commands to the browsers 

    • two-way: inject in HTML, send commands from browser to Visual Studio 

    • live content editing directly in the browser, the code is changing in visual Studio automatically 

  • SignalR notifies connected clients that a change has happened 

  • Live debugging in Azure Websites: connect to production sites directly from the debugger in Visual Studio 

  • Portable Class Libraries: native apps written in C3 running on iPad, Android,… 


  • Extend the reach of the mobile application to a great variety of device platforms 

Windows 8.1 apps 

  • Performance optimization

    • Visual Studio: Retarget Windows Store projects to windows 8.1 

    • New technology: 

      • Optimized for better performance 

      • Compile .Net code to native code 

      • Compiler optimization 

    • Example: Fresh Paint 

      • Loaded faster with the new technology 

  • Productivity enhancements

    • IntelliSense improvement in XAML: includes fuzzy matching, camel casing 

    • Peak definition: inline definition of where code is defined 

    • HTML, JavaScript 

      • New HTML UI responsiveness analyzer inside Visual Studio 

        • DOM events: breakdown of where the time is spent to render the UI 

        • Helping to choose optimization 

Application lifecycle management 

  • Enabling continuous delivery with Agile Development and Agile Deployment 

  • Center piece: Team Foundation Server 


  • Technical debt 

    • fix bugs later 

    • Eliminating technical debt is often avoiding it from the beginning. 

      • Not doing it wrong in the first place. 

      • Better communication in the team. 

    • If you want continuous delivery, you cannot build up technical debt. 

    • Don’t postpone load testing till the end. 

    • Team rooms: collaborate effectively with my team, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/dn169471.aspx 

      • Provides possibility to go back in time and see all the information 

    • Visual Studio 2013 enhancements 

  • Release Management for Visual Studio announced: InRelease acquired and integrated inside Visual Studio 2013